Mountain Climb, Full Body Workout - Guide

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Hello distinguished steemians of steemfitnesshub, i feel honored and delighted to coach you guys again, on another wonderful workout-challenge which marks our 9th workout from our kick off date.

Today's workout program is mountain climb. I'll explain the workout, it's benefits, proper ways to do it, and mistakes to avoid when doing it.


Mountain climb

Mountain climb is a full body workout exercise which focuses mainly on lower abdomen and core muscles, with the aid of the following muscles groups.

* Abdominals

* Glutes

* Quads

* Hamstrings

* Triceps

* shoulder muscles


Benefits of mountain climb exercise

1: very effective in burning belly fat. It strengths the core and obliques muscles.

2: it gives you agility, balance and mobility. The essential fitness needed for day to day activities.

3: It enhances and improves your overall fitness.

4: it improves your heart condition


How to do the mountain climb exercise

Mountain climb is a home workout exercise, in the sense that it requires no equipment. It can be done anywhere both in the gym and at home.

Method 1: Find suitable spot on the floor, or get an exercise mat. Position your body in a solid or standard plank posture as demonstrated by @okoriepresh27 the Instructor01


Method 2: Pull your left knee close to your elbow. As the knee comes to the elbow, quickly switch and pull in the right knee close to your elbow as well.


Method 3: Continue to switch your knees left and right simultaneously and in running motion. Always maintain a standard plank posture, and do not allow your head droop throughout The program.


Note: To intensify the workout, you have to bring your knees close to your chest. Another intensity comes from pushing and switching you knees left to right and right to left to your chest. Move your knees as many times as possible until you feel the burn in your stomach. Take a break and go again. Do at least 5sets of reaching your limit.


Mistakes to avoid

1: Make sure to point your fingers straight-forward not side-ways.

2: Avoid jerky movements, rather take a break and go again.

3: Drooping your head is an error, you must maintain the positioning.

4: Make sure to maintain the standard plank posture throughout the workout.

Do well to practice, and drop your comments on the comment section.


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We are glad to get this lesson from you our dear intructor02 @jespy. Keep the good work going dear, we are behind you. Thank you very much. Thank you for the well thought out explanations.

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You are welcomed @mobibliss. I'm here to contribute to the growth of the community.

This is why we are glad to have you as our Instructor02 dear @jespy. There's no going back, forward ever. Thanks very much.

Your are welcomed. We are together!!