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Hello agile steemians of steemfitnesshub, i'm here again to take you guys on another workout-challenge. I must commend you if you have been practicing our previous workout-challenges. The aim is to keep fit while we steem, hello!! Today's workout will be focusing on a KEGEL exercise called BRIDGES. In this article i'm going to explain what kegel exercise is, the benefits for both men and women. After that i'll explain our workout for today which is BRIDGES, the benefits, and how to do it.

Kegel exercise

kegel are exercises which involves clenching and releasing. This can be done with different variation with the aim of strengthening your pelvic floor(that's the muscles surrounding your sex organ)examples of kegel exercises include bridges. Pausing a bit and continuing when urinating is also a kegel exercise.

kegel benefits for men

1:It counters premature ejaculation in men.

2: It enhances bladder and bowel control.

3: It helps in achieving strong erections.

4: It helps the bladder to empty completely.

Kegel benefits for women

1: As a lady, kegel exercise improves blood circulation to your vagina and pelvic floor.

2: It improves your vaginal wetness.

3: It makes it easier for you to reach climax or orgasm during sex.

Having explained what kegel exercise is all about and it benefits, let me now take you on our workout-challenge for today which happens to be one of the examples of kegel exercise.


Bridges also known as hip raise is a clench and release exercise which targets your glutes, lower back, abs and hamstrings.


° Bridges helps to get rid of belly fat.

° It strengthens and improves your spine stability.

° it works, tones and strengthens your hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and abs.

How to perform a bridge exercise

Method 1: find a suitable spot on the floor or lay on a mat with your back, your palms facing down at your both sides, and your face pointing upwards. Bend your knees.


Method 2: Raise your hips up from your knees to your upper back. Hold the position for about 10 to 20 seconds, and return to the starting position.


perform it 20 reps of 5 sets with 30 seconds interval rest.

Thank you all for going through. I look forward to your participation in the workout. Do well to drop your experience with the workout on the comment section.


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The Kegel exercise is one of a kind workout, improving men's erectile muscles by supporting blood circulation. This is great indeed. Thanks for the coaching.

You are welcomed