Burpees, Full Body Workout - Beginners Guide

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Hello, steemfitnesshub lovers. I'm here again to take you guys on our 5th workout-challenge which is BURPEE. I hope we all have been participating in our previous workout-challenges. If so, i commend you all. In this article I'll explain what burpee exercise is, the benefits, proper ways to do it, and mistakes to avoid when doing it.



Burpee is a full body workout exercise. It works both the upper body and lower body. The muscles groups it targets are as follows.

1: The Lower body - Legs, Hips and Buttocks.

2: The upper body - Abdomen, Arms, chest, and shoulders.


Benefits of doing Burpee exercise

1: Burpee exercise is highly recommended and effective in burning calories. Which results in pounds reduction and weight loss.

2: Burpee has been classified as a calisthenics full body workout, which focuses on building the muscle endurance and strength in both the upper and lower body. Burpees give you the needed endurance and strength that is required to perform other exercises.

3: Burpee enhances your overall fitness and performances. It improves blood flow, cholesterol levels and brain function. It reduces your risk of diabetes and heart disease. It makes your heart and lungs stronger.


The proper ways to do burpee exercise

STEP 1 ÷ find a suitable spot on the floor or get a workout mat. Stand straight, chin up with your arms on both sides. Keep your feet a little wide apart and maintain a proud chest or chest out.


STEP 2 ÷ Inhale some air as you reach out to the floor with your palms by bending from your abdomen. Point your fingers straight forward to avoid injury. Keep your arms a bit wide apart, as demonstrated on the image bellow.


STEP 3 ÷ Exhale as you engage your core, and extend your legs backwards.


Return to the starting position in the sequence with which you went down. Return your legs first, after which you raise your upper body to the starting point. Do 8 sets of 10 reps as a beginner. With the passing of time, you will get more fit and can then max up your reps and sets.

NOTE ÷ For more intensity, squat as you reach out to the floor and press your chest down as you would while performing the regular push up.


Mistakes to avoid

1: Avoid hunching your back as you stand. Always maintain a chin up as you look straight forward.

2: Avoid fast and jerky movements as you go through the different stages.

Always point your fingers side ways to avoid hurting your wrists.

This article explains all the basics you need to know about burpee exercise, and contains pros and cons on how to do it. Remember, the goal is to get fit while you steem. Please endeavor to practice the exercise and don't forget to drop your experience and the impact you have from the workout on the comment section. "No Pain No Gain!" Thank you all for going through the article and participating.


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We are grateful to you @jespy for this new training. This is a wonderful one. We must embrace burpee workout for our overall good. Thanks again.

You are welcomed. I look forward to members participation in the workout.

Thanks a lot @jespy.
Your article indeed carries the pros and cons needed to learn this exercise.
I'd surely practice this.

I'm anticipating your practice session. @okoriepresh27