STEEM is a new invention in the world of Blockchain technology || Promo-steem promotional Gif Design || Day 59

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STEEM is a new invention in the world of Blockchain technology. However, but Steemit reverses the model If its traditional social media get further benefit from its junkies. Steemit actually provides prices and income to its junkies with cryptocurrency.

Now, steemit is 5 while old since its outset, and its value is still maintained and stable. So it's really important to prompt the sustainability of the Steem Blockchain ecosystem and the value behind it. Having multiple content originators on the platform won't have a more significant impact on STEEM.

It's all just measurable on blogging and the prices behind it. What we need now isn't only bringing in fresh freaks or content inaugurators, but what's required now is. new investment coming into Steemit to hand support and gifts. We need to piece a sustainable business model for the future of Steemit.

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I use Canva online Tools to create this poster. Canva is an online design and publishing tool for everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.

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Image & Gif Credit : Sir @stephenkendal

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