Welcoming Newest Subscribers Of Our Community SteemShip (December 06, 2021) || Dear Subscribers, Let's Contribute to #PromoSteem

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Greetings and welcome to SteemShip community. Its an open invitation to you all for joining #PromoSteem plans from our community. Today I'm welcoming newest members or friends in our community. I request you all please add your country name to your #steemit profile that we can recognize you and label you correctly.

Label "member" and "friend" Means:

Whenever a person join our community we label them either "member" or "friend" and this is because we can identify who is from our native country and who is a foreigner. So "member" label for Bangladeshi people and "friend" label for outside from Bangladesh.



Welcome To SteemShip


User NameLabelReputationCountry


Total Subscribers: 775


My request to you all,
please write quality contents, attend our regular contest and stay active on steemit. You can make our community well reputed so my request to you all please do not plagiarism and be real, share your story with us and you will grow with us. Feel free to share your problem and issues with us in our discord server. Check our regular pinned posts, learn from our vlogs available on our pinned posts of this community.
Thank You!

Thank you so much for being a part of our community, We are happy to have you people! Wish to see you around with awesome contents.

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Best regards!!
@Shohana1 2021


Thank You So Much For Visiting 💕


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Thanks alot

you're welcome and I wish you lots of success in this platform steemit.

Thank you