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Cryptocurrency is connected to our life and if has positive and negative impact to our life. For example you can see the current situation. Recently for Luna coin and ust crypto world affected a lot. What touched me a lot is many investors committed suicide as they had a big sum that they invested with their trust. Luna coin was known as the next ETH coin but it broken heart of many investor and it affected all the crypto currency. Many people losing their trust on crypto and it may takes time to recover the lose.

We all know that BTC (bitcoin) is the King of crypto currency and many people claimed that it going to be die and it was predicting since the beginning of the journey of bitcoin and biggest crypto price fall make people scared that bitcoin may found dead which is just a rumor as I believe in crypto and it given me a lot in the past and will also give in future as I trust. Here things are unpredictable and not guaranteed. Where there our life has no guarantee, why we need guaranteed things in life? Let's trust and spread positive vibes and this is wise that I believe.

Crypto Currency Is Trust Worthy:

Yes, crypto currency is trustworthy when you are research on it and choose the potential coins. Actually we are lazy to research but at the same time unpredictable things also happen here as Luna did a few days ago. So according to my opinion and research I would love to suggest investors to invest as much you can afford to lose. Many people believes "No risk, No gain" if you are a really risk taker you shouldn’t have regret later.

Things that shocked me how people can be so emotional with crypto as some committed suicide, this is absolutely ridiculous!! This way they insulting themselves and also insulting and blaming crypto for their sufferings when they are responsible for their own decision.

Crypto Currency As Our Livelihood :

Well sometimes its a yes and sometimes its a big no. In life and also in businesses we experience good and bad time and it also valid in crypto. When it helps us to earn big profit it surely can contribute in our livelihood but we need to have another option because having multiple source of income is wise or you can save money from your golden days of earning and that savings can help you in your bad days. Greed is also behind the suffering as many investors were greedy to be rich over a night which is hardly possible. They are already very upset so I don't want to talk about them much. So as I said, always better having research, shouldn’t be greedy and invest as much you can afford to lose. Don't get me wrong that I'm discouraging investors, just trying to convince them for having decision wisely.

Crypto As Side Business :

Yes it can be consider as side business as the source of extra income so we can invest a little and grow our money. Many people around the world earning crypto without any money investment but they are investing their time and time is precious in our life. Like we are blogging in steemit and we are investing our time to earn crypto. Recently you all may noticed the change that steemit brought to us, Steemit paying authors and curators steem instead SBD and I respect this change because it surely bring positive changes and fix steem ecosystem so I just decide to go with the flow and not going to be judgmental though this change affect many life including mine as I replaced steemit with my full time job last year and now my bank deposits are helping me. Trying to hold #club100 for achieving something big and I just hope I'm not greedy in this way. Recent crypto fall made me realize that we need to have multiple earning source and crypto can be consider as side business.

##Conclusion :
In this blog I've open up things I believe and experiencing. Maybe I'm not wise enough to analysis things in crypto world but there were few realization in my heart that has impact in my life so I just write them to my readers. Hope my writing won't hurt anyone and help building trust on crypto currency. Waiting for green days of crypto currency and I'm really very hopeful.


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