Achievment 5.1- Understanding The Steem Tools

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Good day steemians, how are you all doing? Today I want review the tools that was developed by @steemchiller which is my achievment 5.1 task.

Review of

Firstly, what I did was to input the site address which is followed by my username. When it opened, I signed in using my username and password, then I clicked on the dashboard.

How I checked My Reward Summary

This was how I checked my reward summary, I clicked on the dashboard and then I scrolled down, then I saw my reward summary together with the time I received them as well as the days I received them, 30days, 7days respectively.



I understand that delegation is the transfer of Steem power from one user to another or from a user to to a particular community. It is mostly used on the day to day activities on steemit platform.
There are different types of delegation, the first one is;


It has to do with delegating Steem power to another user.


This has to do with the process of transferring Steem power to a user or a community.


  • Click on delegation, it is located below username and wallet,
  • Fill in the required details of the account with incoming and outgoing votes that is related to the vote and the vote CSI displayed below.
  • Then click on either incoming or outgoing for full details.


Account Operation and How you can Check the posts you made in the last 7days

Account Operation is seen below the reward summary. It shows you the daily activities of your account. It also shows you the durations of your posts. To check your last 7 days activities;

  • Put in the details of the days you want to check, then
  • Select the date you made the post.


About Rewards

    This is the income a user get from his post or article.

    This is an appreciation or the act of encouragement given to someone for upvoting other people's posts.

    These are rewards given to one from a different user's post, base on some agreed conditions. For example I received a beneficiary reward from a contest post.

  • How I Checked The Value of My Votes in different voting weights using


Once I opened the steemworld, I saw the value of my vote, and as I tap the circle it shows the various value of every vote in dollar. The value of votes depends on the amount of Steem power in the bar. My votes decreases anytime I use my voting power and whenever I give it to users. I can observe that I have no vote value, and I will work towards it by powering up my steempower.

Thanks for reading through my post.


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How do you check you upvote value? you have not answered this in your post

Ok ma'am, I will effect the corrections immediately.

Hello ma'am @ngoenyi, I have effected the corrections

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Saya melihat link https:/ langsung bisa masuk ke akun Steemworld anda, apakah ini tidak masalah untuk anda karena membiarkan orang lain melihat dasbord anda dengan link yang anda bagikan.

Salam kenal

No it's not ok by me, thanks so much. Please delete the link

Baik saya hapus, karena saya melihat anda juga mengahapusnya.

Thank so much.