At the present time the school is talking about college boys and girls.

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In today's digital age, it is unimaginable that boys and girls will not be able to study, move around and work together. All is well. But when I see all these digital boys and girls in the name of school and college, how do they get along with their parents? I don't know, because everyone thinks their son or daughter is a saint and a genius and parents are very happy because the son and daughter of Pran are tired of studying in school and college and come back, do they really do that?

Parents try to hand over whatever they want, but how can those boys and girls return home from outside behind the guardians? Do you have any news about him?


Today I was returning from the office, two people sitting in the side seat of the car, so far I do not understand who they are? The two of them were talking in the car, it seemed that there was no one else in the car, only the two of them. I was sitting next to another one, we were embarrassed to hear the two of them talking but they were talking normally, as if they were in a country of free mind and don't care culture.

I once thought that after following, I would go to their house and tell my parents, but my mind did not say, "Give your own char kai oil". If the family was in the style of Islam, no one would have seen such a situation inside and outside the house, InshaAllah.

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