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Do you wish to pursue a career as a digital artist but are unsure where to begin? Perhaps you've done a Google search previously and been overwhelmed by the amount of information or frightened by the authors' assumptions about what you already know.

I've noticed that there isn't enough beginner-friendly information available for those interested in trying their hand at digital painting. That's why I've put together this detailed guide to walk you through everything you'll need to get started. This book has everything you need to get started on your new recreation or hobby right away, including tools, software, processes, and features.

So then, what is digital painting?
Digital painting is a new media that allows us to produce gorgeous art without the clutter of inks or oils. It still takes some of the same skills and methods as conventional art; not too sure, you can't suddenly make art with the press of a button... yet, but it really is easier in several respects.

There are lots of differences between Digital painting and the traditional painting. But lets take the major difference.

Traditional painting deals with painting artworks using pencils, inks and anything that has texture like paper or wood
Digital painting uses software, computer and tablets for artworks. In this case most software are bought. Mostly using digital pens is recommended

Below is an example of digital art I created myself

Lanscape frame 1 compressed.png

In creating this i used Adobe photoshop. So now lets talk about the software one can use in creation of Digital art or painting.

I heartily suggest Adobe Photoshop if you want to get real about digital painting. It is the most powerful painting application offered, and because it has become the industry standard, it has the most training and courses available for it. I personally use Adobe Photoshop as my tool.

Procreate has taken the art world by storm in recent years. It's small and simple to use, and while it lacks some of Photoshop's capabilities, more are being developed all the time. However, it is only accessible on the iPad at the moment.

Krita is a fully accessible, free alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It's not quite as powerful, but it's absolutely adequate for getting started if you're on a tight budget. Just keep in mind that there won't be as much instruction available online, and if you really want to work professionally with an in studio or firm one day, you may need to finally migrate to Adobe Photoshop.

I personally with the Adobe tool has made Landscape digital paintings for sale on some online shops.

Click on my images below to view some embedded in frames.

This image will lead you to other images of my online store

There is a 25% discount with this store

You should check out this store too to know which one favours you. Depending on price and payment method

This is currently the third and last shop i have my digital arts on. You can check it out too

Below are all the color variations i have made for this landscape painting. Good thing about this product is once you pay for one you get all since Its on a promo. so you don't need to pay for all the colors. Pay one get all.
It comes with a sun or moon, night and day as well. In total there are nine of them. The power is yours.

For any enquiries contact me using my email or whatsapp number;

+233263786600 for whatsapp

Is it a physical product or an instant download There are no physical products. They are printable files which you will download and print using your own preferred type of paper
How load does it take to get the files after payments You instantly get to download the files as soon as you pay
What are the payment methods Using paypal or your credit card
Can i request for specializations Yes you can request for specialized ones which are not in my store
Does the product come along with the frames No please. Because of shipping cost which will inflate the price, it is made downloadable so you get to print it with any size you want.
Can i contact you in case there is a problem? Yes you can contact me using email, which is found in the downloaded text file

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You can order for your artsworks for your business or personal use too
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