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Good day Steemians from Newcomers Community,I adore the way the publications are created, as they are all created from unique perspectives. However, one of the first things I observed within the community is that there is a lot of discussion regarding plagiarism. Thank you so much, @cryptokannon, for executing this achievement task on the topic of plagiarism. It has greatly widened my understanding and caused me to be more aware of little infractions that I previously dismissed as not being unlawful or incorrect in the context of writing. Although it should be emphasized that plagiarism can be done on purpose or unintentionally since we comment on this heinous conduct owing to a lack of information about how to place the links. As a result, it is critical to read and understand the platform's rules and regulations.

Today's article contains:
1.What Plagiarism is
2.The different forms or types of plagiarism
3.Effects of Plagiarism
4.Ways to avoid Plagiarism


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Plagiarism is when you present someone else's work or ideas as your own, with or without their permission, by incorporating it into your work without giving them full credit. This definition encompasses all published and unpublished material, whether in manuscript, print, or electronic form. Plagiarism can be deliberate, careless, or unintentional.

"Plagiarism is a form of cheating and is a serious academic offence. It arises where work submitted by a student isn't their own and has been taken from another source." Source


Verbatim Plagiarism
This occurs when you copy and paste the author's or owner's exact words without citing them or using quotations.

Patchment Plagiarism
This occurs when you steal or select various ideas from multiple sources and combine them into a single document that you claim as your own without referencing the individual ideas taken or stolen.

Auto or self-plagiarism
This type of plagiarism occurs when you copy and submit the results of a previous assignment that you completed without informing the person to whom you are submitting it. It doesn't matter if the concepts are your own; it's still plagiarized work.

Accidental Plagiarism
This sort of plagiarism occurs when someone mistakenly paraphrases or borrows a statement from another person without citing that person or when the writer unintentionally misquotes the referenced individual.

"“One can steal everything from an artist except their talent.”
― Marty Rubin." Source

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-Plagiarism has an impact on both the plagiarizer and the information owner.
When you are detected plagiarizing, you will lose respect and reputation. It discredits you as an individual, and people lose faith in your previous efforts, even if you haven't plagiarized.

-Plagiarism is a serious offense. Plagiarized work causes the lots of folks to lose their well-paid employment.

-Plagiarism denies credit to the original work's creator. Every individual is responsible for honoring those who deserve it in order to act as a source of motivation to produce the greater effort. When you don't reference, you're effectively deterring the owner from doing the further effort.


When creating a document that requires you to copy material that is not your own in its entirety, always put it within quotation marks ("")

If we use any information extracted from a site, always put it in the link where it was extracted. Giving credit where it is due.

Always attempt to complete the task from your perspective. That is, instead of relying on other people's facts or ideas, aim to improve yourself every day by utilizing only your creativity.

"The most beautiful thing about a presentation or a publication is knowing that the profits or rewards come from your mind, from something you created using your mind and imagination without the need to steal credits from others"." Source

I have read and understood the steemit Etiquette on steemit community and will do my best to embrace them


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