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Hello... It's a pleasure writing here again after being stucked for a while. I have posted this Achievement post a number of times but never got verified. This has stagnated my progress to the next achievement task. However, I hope I would be recognised and verified this time.

Here is my entry after taking an enjoyable time exploring

The is really an in-depth explorer tool for a steemit account. The details of the accounts and the activities carried out on a particular account can be effectively monitored using this tool. has a home page that displays the different interface tool that can be used on the platform and a disclaimer box that assures it's users the security of their vital details such as password as they are not stored on the platform. Among these tools, the Dashboard specifically tells the details of your account while the other tools are used for other functions on the steem blockchain such as account creation, account watch, account recovery, change password and so on.

How to check Reward Summary for All time, last 30 days and last 7 days for your account?

The reward Summary can be found as a small tab beneath the Tab "Stats" and can be reached following this progression:
Dashboard>Account>Stats>Reward summary
The reward Summary tab consists of a table that summarizes the rewards earned on the account in three levels;

  • All time
  • Last 30days
  • Last 7days

Each level details the earned reward in different columns in terms of Curation SP, Author SP, Steem and SBD and then make a total of these values in USD in the last Column.
The Curation SP is the Value of steem power earned by Curating other people's work while the Author SP is earned while one's work is being appreciated. As one's payout setting is set to be 50% SBD- 50% SP, Steem or SBD is as well earned through authorship and curation.


The screenshot above shows an All time earning, Last 30 days earning and last 7days earning of my account @okunlokayk

What is Delegations, type of Delegations and how to Delegate SP?

Delegation is about lending out your steem power or giving someone else charge of a portion of your steem power. A Delegation can also be seen as a donation of one's Steem power to a particular trusted cause for a period of time. The beneficiary of the delegation uses the steem power as though it belongs him, as all rewards earned using such delegation belongs to him, otherwise if there was a stated agreement to give return for the invested delegation. There are two types of delegations as;

  • Incoming Delegations: This is a Delegation that was vested to one's account by another user and such delegations can be seen under the Incoming delegation tab at
  • Outgoing Delegations: This is a delegation you have given out to other accounts and such delegations can be seen under the outgoing delegation tab at

  • How to Delegate SP: Under the Delegation tab, go to Delegate at the far right corner. Click and a window will pop up for you to fill in details of the worth of Delegation and the beneficiary account.


    Proceed to confirm your Delegation by using your active key


How to check Incoming and Outgoing Votes, please explain this with screenshots of both votes for your account?

To check for votes received as incoming votes and votes given as outgoing votes; proceed to the Account Operation tab and under the filter change from "All" to "Votes". This would filter out only votes from the number of operations carried out.
There is option of choosing specific time frame and viewing incoming and outgoing votes separately. For example, my account on the date 23-09-2021 received three votes and gave out two votes:
Incoming and outgoing votes:


Incoming Votes:


Outgoing Votes:


How to check account operations for past 7 days and what all details can be checked?

This can be found in the Account Operation tab and by default the filter is to display All operations. This could be changed to display only specific operations such as Comments, Votes, Transfer, Rewards, Delegations, Market orders, Witness related, SPS related, Upvotes, Downvote, Costom JSON.


Under this tab, we can check for operations within the last 7days as the buttons to view each of these days are displayed on the tab.


Author, Curation and Beneficiary Rewards.

Rewards can be found under the "Coming Reward" tab. This section shows the current lists of coming Author, Curation and Beneficiary rewards with their payout time and value in SP and SBD.



The screenshots above shows an expected author's reward of 5.418SP and 2.503SBD. A Curation reward of 0.019SP.

How to check your upvote value and at different voting weights using this tool?

This is found at the uppermost section in the dashboard and. A circular graphical chart on the upper left corner that shows the rate of depletion and recovery of one's voting power and a table that displays the value of one's steem power weight at different percentage in USD. The voting power depletes as one goes on voting posts: this is at a rate of 2% per 100% weighted vote.


Thus, the depletion level as well as recovery is displayed in this section. The percentile value in dollars is also indicated. The different level of SP weight can be explored by clicking or hovering over the circular chart.


The tool is an intensive explorer of the operations present on the Steem Blockchain. This provides users with ability to track every of their operations and be in good light of details of each of them.

Image Disclaimer:

Unless otherwise stated, all images used in this post are self generated screenshots by me @okunlolayk from

Here is a link to my achievements:
Achievement 1 by @okunlolayk


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