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My name is Caleb Nuna Akpalu, a citizen of the republic of Ghana. I just enrolled into the University of Ghana as a nutrition and consumer education student having a focus of improving nutritional standards among people in my country. I'm still a novice in cryptocurrency and will be willing to build on this knowledge through experienced learning here on steemit.

I spend most of my time traveling, researching, video gaming, playing the power-forward position in basketball, reading and sketching manga, biking with friends, swimming and also visiting children in community hospitals around my neighborhood. I haven't really had a very happy childhood but I think reaching out to others is divine joy. My love for literature always leaves me appreciating creative writings and work of pure art and I look forward to to an enthusiastic experience and nothing short of that. I'm a versatile artist so I guess I'll give anything I find interesting a shot.


I got to know about steemit through my roommates here in the University and I realized it could be a platform for me to share passionate works of art with many people all over the globe. Who knows, I might inspire a lot of people out there, their careers, lifestyle and others so i guess I'll give it my best.


Thank you

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Welcome to the Steemit Community
Steem on and feed the community with good content📈🗽


Welcome to the family bro👍🏽
Constituency and great commitment will help you achieve more on the blockchain
Steem on💪🏽

Welcome to steemit, buddy.
We’re please to have you join us here.
Steem on!

Hi @nunax,

Welcome to steemit.

I invite you to Complete Your Achievement Tasks in Newcomer's Community, published by @cryptokannon. This course will enable you to improve your writing skills as well as you will be able to present your content in an organized manner.

You can also join Steemit Crypto Academy and participate in Introductory Courses which will help you to improve your knowledge about the crypto world.

There are many other communities that you can join and some of these communities are listed below:

and many more communities that you can join.

If you are new and your steem power is under 30sp you can apply for Steemit User Support Program

If you need any help feel free to contact with me.

Have a nice Day...

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You are welcomed to Steemit Community. Here a platform or love and freedom. Feel free to ask any questions you don't understand. My pleasure 😃.

welcome onboard @numax,enjoy your stay and hook up with us on Telegram for more support

Welcome to the family.

Steem on🤩

Thanks for joining us here in this noble platform. My pleasure 😃

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Great work done, bro

Please proceed for the rest of the achievement task and do well to reach out if you need any help. Sorry for the late verification