Achievement 6 Task by @mustaphaissah: Understanding Curation And Community

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Fellow steemians, I deem it a great pleasure to present to you my last but not the least achievement post, which is about Understanding Curation And Community. Thus, 6th achievement.
And I would love to use this opportunity to thank @cryptokannon for enlightening us about this task.


Voting and curation are correlated in the sense that, curation leads to voting. Curation is the selection of good post, and voting is liking of that post. Unlike our social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter; you will browse through, the post that catches your interest you then like it, same applies to steemit’. But with steemit, the liking or voting goes with reward.
Once you vote on a post, you tend to distribute rewards to the post you voted on; and you get 50% of the reward you distributed.

Distribution of rewards is contingent on the amount of steem power you have at the moment.
The ability to cast votes depends on the voting mana one posses. And according to @cryptolannon, it’s like an energy bar in a computer game that goes down bit by bit any time you use it.
Once initial voting mana is 100%, and start to depreciate ones you start voting, and a 100% voting mana is more powerful than a 50%voting mana. But fortunately, the network recharges ones voting mana every day.

Every 100% vote, you use 2% of your voting mana. And you can vote more then 10 times a day, but each votes worth is less, and it takes time to reach full voting mana.

Each user also have a pool of down votes mana, and it’s 25% of the upvotes mana pool. But down votes will consume this mana before the regular mana.

New users like us has a 100% voting strength, thus, upvotes and downvotes.
When ones steem power gets 500, a voting slider will appear when you vote, to adjust the weight of one’s votes between 1% and 100%.
To check your voting mana, you use @steemdb and @steemscan tools.

Amount of rewards that goes to authors and curators
50% of the rewards are allocated to payments that goes to author of the post/comments, 50% to the curator.
Of the 50% that goes to the curator, he/ she receives less than 100% if he/she vote within the first 5 minutes.
The 50% that the curator gets during the first 5 minutes is calculated linearly based on the time the vote is being casted.

TimeCurator RewardRewards that goes to the pool
After the minute mark20%80%
After 2 minutes40%60%
After 3 minutes60%40%
After 4 minutes80%20%
After 5 minutes100%0%

One can get curation rewards front upvoting both posts and comments, but does not get curation rewards for downvoting on a post.

Curation trails
This is when one decide to use third party application such as @steemauto to automatically cast votes. One can set this up to always vote on a particular post or comments that others create.

When someone downvote on your post doesn’t mean you have done something wrong, and it does not tarnish one’s reputation.

Witnesses in Steemit
Witnesses are elected by the community to produce blocks for the steem blockchain every 3 seconds. The community elects witnesses to act as the network block producers and governance body. They create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called delegated proof of stake(DPOS).
There are 20 full time witnesses producing blocks every 63 seconds round. You can vote up to 30 witnesses since the network uses DPOS.

I would vote for @justyy and @steemchiller who created &steemyy and These steem rmtools are amazing, and I have learnt a lot from it.

There are a lot communities on steemit and they post good materials, but I have join a few, such as; Steem Ghana, Steem Africa, Steem Promo School, Steem Entrepreneurs etc.
The reason why I join them is, they encourage posting good content and frown against plagiarism.

Notification bot on steemit
This feature helps to notify you on upvotes, replies, and comments on one’s post. It helps draw your attention to what’s going on on your steemit account.

Thanks for the time and attention.. I really appreciate.

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