My achievement 6 task by @michael-akpan, Understanding Curation and community.

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Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well, I am so thankful to God almighty for his power and grace to do my achievement task from achievement 1 up-to achievement 5 task 4, now I am proceeding my achievement 6 task, voting and curation work in steemit.


Have you understand how voting and curation work in steemit?

yes I understand, by the help of @cryptokannon article I now know that, we have a fixed reward pool on steem, anytime a good post is been voted by a user, reward is going to be distributed inwhich it is been depends on the user Steem power and 50% of the payout will go to the owner of the post/comment, then 50% will also go to the curator. Out of the 50% which go to the curator, the curator will receive less than 100% if the curator votes within the first 5 minutes. The portion of the 50% that the curator receives during the first 5 minutes is calculated base on the time the vote is casted. Also If a post is upvoted before 5 minutes of posting/commenting, 100% of the curation reward Will go to the curator. Also there is no curation reward for downvote or comment on a Post.

voting mana

It is the energy bar that stand for our voting influence which rated in percentage, voting mana is maximum at 100%, it reduced a little bit every time when you vote, network recharges our voting mana with 20% everyday.
You can check your current voting mana by using third party tools such as

Curation trails

anytime a steemian have automatically voting on his/her posts or comments, these other users are refer to Curation trail this is possible only by the use of third party applications like to cast votes automatically.

What will be the implications, if a post is voted before 5 minutes marks after posting?

Casting of votes time is significantly determines the percentage of curator's reward from the 50%.scroll down to see the break down of curator's reward when he or she voted before 5 minutes marks.

  • If he/she upvotes the moment at a 0 minutes the post or comment was posted, the curator will have 0% of curation reward and 100% will go to rewards pool.
  • If he/she upvotes a 1 minute after the post or comment was posted, the curator will get 20% of curation reward and 80% will go to the rewards pool.
  • If him/her upvotes in 2 minutes after the post or the comment was posted, the curator will get 40% of curation reward and 60% will go to the rewards pool.
  • And if he/she upvotes in 3 minutes after the post or the comment was posted, the curator will receive 60% of curation reward and 40% will go to the rewards pool.
  • Also if the he/she upvotes in 4 minutes after the post or the comment was posted, the curator will have 80% of curation reward and 20% will go to the rewards pool.
  • But also if the curator upvotes in 5 minutes or later after the post/comment was posted, he or she will get 100% of the curation reward.

Who are you going to vote for Steem Witness ? and Why are you voting the person?

I will surely voted for Steem Witness because their duty is to act as the network's block producers and organize body, generating block every 63-second round and so by voting for them is how to push the witness up in the rank of top 21 witnesses.
I have know a few witness for example, @justyy built , @steemchiller built Steemworld.

I have joined some community such as,

  • Newcomers Community : it is a community where every newbies are is a community for the completing Achievement tasks and to know more about steemit.

  • Steemalive Community: this community I learn a lot about varieties of topics, participate in variety of contests, a community where I will post my diary game etc.

I join community that can give me of my interest and descriptions, I love to join
SteemCryptoAcademy community which I can learn more on Crypto currency.


I am very happy today that I am able to complete my achievement task 6.
I thanks you all very much for reading all my achievement task from 1 to 6.

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Wow! You are so active this is the kind of spirit that is needed here on Steemit keep it up, move on to compilation post you won't regret joining steemit.

Steem on to the moon and beyond!!!

Thank you ma, I am writing compilation post now

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