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I am very grateful to God almighty, and a special thanks of appreciation to @cryptokannon for sharing educative program with us, which anable us to understand the running of steemit. I so much thank all the greeters who suspended their some of their daily activities to assist me with correction, motivation, inspiration and direction. I am very grateful to @eliany my great mentor for her courage and inspiration given to me may God almighty bless you. and I will also use this opportunity to thank all my fellow stemian who voted and always comment in my post. and others who play a part in my steemit journey, thank you so much, I am very grateful.

Now I am making a compilation of all my achievement tasks from my task 1-6


My achievement 1 task was all about my introduction to steemit, and it was the beginning of my achievement task journey.

My achievement task 2 was on basic security on steem in which I learned a lot during writing of this achievement task.

Here it was so good for me to understand about Plagiarism during writing of this achievement task 3.

Wow I learned alot in my achievement 4 task, it so interesting for me to know the difference markdown.

I understand a lot here in achievement 5 task 1, it was on the review of

The almighty, review of steemscan wasn't that easy. My achievement 5 task 2 I learned so many things.

My achievement 5 task 3 was about review

My achievement 5 task 4 was great for me to understand.

Wow my favorite achievement task 6, the last but not the least.


The above link are my compilation of some of the wonderful things I read and understand about steemit achievement posts.i also give a vote of special thank to the Newcomers Community for the opportunity giving to all the steemit newcomer users to be able to read and understand about steemit, I have really learned a lot during writing my achievement task.

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Hola @michael-akpan, te felicito, has tomado la mejor decisión. Te deseo éxito en tus nuevas tareas y en tu carrera en Steemit.

•Te invito a nuestra comunidad DraftCrearte, una comunidad para expresar el artista que llevamos por dentro. Desde ya puede participar en los concursos de esta semana.

Thank you very for congratulating me, I am really grateful

Congratulations on completing your achievements tasks in just a period of one month, I so much appreciate your zeal, keep up the good work continue steeming with the speed.

Thank you very much, it wasn't easy but with ur motivation i was able to finish it

Hello dear @michael-akpan, congregation on your sixth Achievement. You have been verified and may now proceed the compilation Task where you are required to compile all achievements from 1-6 in a post.
Thank you for completing this achievement.

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Thank you for completing this Achievement!

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Hi, @michael-akpan,

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