Achievement 2:Basic security on Steem by @mateenfatima

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Hello Everyone!

I hope that you all will be well in health. In this post, I want to discuss the basic security on Steem which is the task Assigned by @ cryptokannon. So let's start our discussion.

First of all, we will discuss that what is actually security.


Security is the basic necessity for any system to work properly. Security is strongly needed to protect our data, information, transactions, and privacy In our business, trades, and many other professions. Like that it's also needed on the steemit platform. We need security to secure our transactions, data, information and to prevent any loss. We can lose control of our wallets by losing our keys which can be a worse situation for us. So in this post, we will learn the basic things we need to be secure on steemit.



Have you retrieved all your keys on steemit?

Yes I have retrieved all my steemit keys.

  • I have saved the keys in many places such as in my laptop, google drive, on a piece of paper, USB and in my email account. We should save our keys because if we lose the keys one time it is very difficult to get them again that's why I have saved my keys perfectly in many places to protect them and to prevent any disturbance.


Do you know each of these key functions and restrictions?

Yes I know the functions and restrictions of all the keys. We can also read all these instructions in the wallet as shown in the screenshot below.


Yes, I have learned the functions and restrictions of the steemit keys completely. You can learn about keys on the wallet keys and permissions page. Now I want to tell you the functions of some keys.


This key is used to perform social actions such as in making blogs, comments, upvotes, Mute the post or pin the post, etc on the steemit platform. These all functions are performed with the help of a posting key it helps in posting. So in this way, it's the most important key. You can also find the functions of keys in the PDF files of keys of your steem account.


It's another important key that is used to power up, power down, make transactions, and other wallet activities of transfer and receive rewards.


It is used for the actions of recovery of accounts. It is also used to change all the keys including itself.


This key is used to make memos which are used to send and receive the encrypted messages privately.


It's the most important password. It is also used for the resetting of all other keys. we get this password when we sign in to our steemit account or when we make our new account. It is the basic password to reach all other keys of the account. So it is the most important password and we should save the password securely.


Except for all these keys, there are also some public keys. These keys are not used to log in to the account but can be used to perform other actions. These are all keys that you can find in the form of a pdf file.


So these were my learning towards keys.


How do you plan to keep your master password?

A master password is that password that we got when we make our steemit account. This password is important in this aspect that if we lose our all keys this can help us in recovering. So I have carefully saved my master password in different places on my laptop, google drive, Gmail and also save my files in the form of print paper.


Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another steem user account?

Yes I know the procedure of transferring the steem token to another steemit account. We will discuss the process In different steps.


  • This is my account balance.


  • First of all, go to your wallet and check your steem, where the number of steam is written there will appear the option of transfer.



  • After clicking on the transfer button you will get the popup in which we have to put all the information about the amount of steemtoken we want to transfer and the user name where we want to transfer our steem tokens.



  • After putting all the information click on the Nextbutton and then click on the option OK.



In this way, the process of transferring your Steem tokens to others will be completed.


Do you know how to power up your STEEM?

Power up means to increase your SP by the available steem in your account. Power up is necessary for earning a good reputation on this platform. If we have more power then we can earn better rewards and also be able to work in the cryptoacadmey which is the most progressing work in this platform. So we will discuss now that how can we power up by available steem in our account.

  • Go to your wallet and then click on the power-up option.


  • Write the amount you want to power up and then click on the ok option.



So this was all about achievement 2. I hope that you all will like this post and support me.

Special Mentions.


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