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Formatting with Markdown

What is Markdown

Markdown is a simplified markup language that allows you format documents using a plain text editor. Markdown was created in the year 2004 by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz. Markdown is often used when blogging or sending instant messaging and online forums like steemit. In this post ew will be looking at markdown as a tool for formatting our post.

Divergence in Markdown

Markdown is used in many different platforms and for that reason a wide variety of syntax have been adopted by various users, this differences are often referred to as flavours of markdown. The steemit platform uses a flavour that is closer to What is known as the "GitHub Flavored Markdown"

Some examples of widely used flavours of markdown are here listed below:
• GitHub Flavored Markdown(GFM)
• Markdown Extra
• LiaScript
• Gruber Markdown
• CommonMark
• CriticMarkup
• MultiMarkdown (MMD)

Unique features of GitHub Markdown

This table contains features that makes the GitHub Markdown unique. The first for are

Tablescreate tables using pipes and dash
Task listlist and nested list can be added
Strikesupports single strike through
Linkslinks are automatically detected
iframeNot Supported
noscriptNot Supported
styleNot Supported

Other basic Markdown Features

Headings as the name implies are used to indicate and differentiate the main heading from the body and subheadings in a write-up. When properly utilized, it helps the reader follow as the main point in the article unfolds. There are up to six levels of heading

lists are used when itemizing your content, like in html, markdown has both an ordered and the unordered list. This flavour of markdown allows for a list to be nested by adding a sub list to the main list of items. The beauty of the ordered list is it aut-numbering capabilities.

Links are used to connect readers to another location, they are identified by a change in colour and are activated by a click. This flavour of markdown makes links easy to create and identify. A link can be created to other sections of the same page or other websites. Links may also be connected to images or to a video. Follow this link to read more on GitHub Markdown

Word Emphasis
To place emphasis on some words or phrases, markdown allows you to make the text bold or italics. The beauty of GitHub is it's ability to add a strike through to the list of emphasis you can make. The emphasis itself help attract the readers attention to a point that most not be missed.

Check Lists
with this formatting style, you can itemize a process and check those which have been executed. It makes record keeping very exciting and is a feature supported by the GitHub flavor of markdown. It would be very useful when making a check list of the things you need to do and follow them up

Test Alignment

Right Alignment
The right alignment helps move the text to the right of the screen resulting in a straight line at the right edge of the screen but an uneven margin towards the left.

Center Alignment
This alignment allows the text to originate from the middle of the screen resulting in a text arrangement that has uneven edges on both sides. It is best applied on headings

Left Alignment
The left Alignment is the default alignment, if you should enter text without any formatting, you will have a left align text.

Justify Alignment
This alignment places the text at the middle making sure both edges are even. The result of justification is is always nice when the words are not too long.

This bar is used to indicate a citation that is made up of many lines. An example is this quote from Gandhi.

I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

Mahatma Gandhi


This allows a user to inform the markdown processor that the entered codes should not be processed but should be displayed exactly as entered.

<center><div class ="phishy"> 
# Formatting with Markdown
</div> </center>

This is the code that displayed the red text as heading on this post. Normally, it should have activated this code but the backticks will not let it.


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