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Good afternoon, friends of the Newcomers Community. This is my second achievement, fulfilling steemit's basic safety.

Now, friends, let's start by answering the questions that arise in this achievement.

Have you obtained and saved all your Steemit passwords?

Yes, when we create our account immediately throws us a PDF which contains the keys, that PDF is unique for each user and is in the same where the security of our account falls, I obtained it and immediately protect it in a personal file, which is known only to my mommy who is my representative.

Do you know all the functions and restrictions of the keys?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier when reading the post of our friend cryptokannon I have been able to understand the functions and restrictions of each key which fulfill a different role, however all together protect our account, let's see:

Post Key:
Activation Key:
Owner Key:
Key Memo:

Post Key: I remember that when I went to enter the platform I entered the active key and it did not accept it, of course it was new and I did not know very well. Then I could understand that this publication key I must use in several functions within the platform such as logging in, I have also learned that I can use it to comment to other users and be able to publish my content, give resteem and vote for the publications that I like the most.

Activation Key: Mostly to make use of this active key we must enter our wallet where from there we can do the processes of ignition or withdrawal of the SP that we have, purchases or sales within the market, transfers, with this key we can also modify our profile.

Owner Key: It is a key that is not widely used as the post key and the active key, with it we can request a new PDF and we will only use it when we notice that our account may be harmed and we have to change it, this key is stronger of all.

Key Memo: It is a useful key when we want assets and with this key we have the possibility to encrypt or decrypt memos, it is important to know that we must place the # before.

How do you plan to keep your master key safe?

Keeping my master key in a file which only my mommy and I have access to, this file is not in an online file.

Do you know how to transfer steem tokens to other users?

Yes, it is a step although we see it very easy, we must be very attentive. We start by entering our wallet or wallet, then we will find our steem and there we click, then we give it in the transfer option and there we will place the name of the user to whom we want to transfer our steem tokens, we place the amount and finally it will ask us for our active key and ready, at a good time with this process we have already consolidated our steem transfer.






Do you know how to perform the power up process in steem?

Yes, In the same way as the previous one I enter my wallet or wallet and where are my steem I click again but this time I will use the power up option or on I click there, place the amount I want to turn on and ready my power on process, is which is very easy and fun in my opinion hehe.






Friends I felt very happy doing this achievement, I hope to approve it and be able to move on to achievement 3, I thought it was very important to know everything related to the security and privacy that we must have the users of this platform.

Here I attach my achievement 1, thank you for your attention as you read my post.

Achievement 1

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Hello @kailyfero,
For you to get verified on this task, please show a step-by-step screenshot of how to transfer steem tokens and how to power up.


i fixed it

Hi @kailyfero

Congratulations, your achievement 2 is verified.

You can advance and complete Achievement 3

Remember to use the #Achievement3 and #(your country) tags and post from Newcomers' Community.

I invite you to follow @steemitblog so that you are aware of the latest updates.

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Hi, @kailyfero,

Your post has been supported by @wilmer1988 from the Steem Greeter Team.