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Hello to everyone in this community, I want to sincerely appreciate all moderators and representatives of this community especially @cryptokannon for the care, support and guidelines which they have provided to guide we the newcomers into some of the basics things we need to know on steemit Blockchain.

I appreciate you all.

Here is the compilation of my achievement 1-6 task.

Introduction is very important in all aspect. The article written by @cryptokannon tells the need why newcomers need to introduce themselves. For that reason here is the link to my introductorypost.
Achievement 1: self introductorypost by @jerryivan mentorship by @cryptokannon.

Security can never be relegated to the background because it helps to keep personal documents confidential. The article on basic security steem helps me in particular to know how and where to save my password keys since when lost it can't be recovered again. Here is the link to my basic security steem.
Achievement 2 task by @jerryivan: Basic security steem.

In this task, after going through the article I understood that plagiarism is a crime. That I need to reference my word if there is and try to produce quality content that will be very anticipating to the reader. It has been helping me a lot. Here is the link to my content etiquette.
Achievement 3 task by @jerryivan: Content etiquette.

In this application of markdown, it really helped me to know some of the basic tags used when writing a post such as to make a sentence to be in bold or italics or even to centralize a sentence.
Achievement 4 task by @jerrivan: Applying markdown.

The steem is a unique platform for checking out all the activities being carried out on steem Blockchain. Proper understanding of the platform helped me a lot when checking my transactions, incoming and outgoing votes.
Achievement 5 task 1 by @jerryivan: review

This is another interesting platform that is so helpful when it comes to transaction. It is indeed a helpful one. I also learnt from this platform how to set my account to auto claim reward which has been helping me as a newcomer here in steemit Blockchain.
Achievement 5 task 2 by @jerryivan: review

The same is applicable to this platform. That it helps the user to know how transactions are done whether to delegate or to check any other thing on steemit blockchain
Achievement 5 task 3 by @jerryivan: review

The is another platform of it's kind that is helpful to me. It helps me to know who delegated steem power to me and to see the incoming and also the outgoing votes on my account.
Achievement 5 task 4 by @jerryivan: review

The understanding of the curation and community has been so overwhelming that I see communities where I can share my ideas and opinions. It also helped me to understand who to vote for to be a steem witness.
Achievement 6 task by @jerryivan: understanding curation and community

Thank you all for this privilege to come to the conclusion and compilation of my Achievement 1-6 task. God bless you!!


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Hi @jerryivan

Congratulations. I am pleased to inform you that you have been successfully verified for this task. You are now a Pro newcomer verified.

Thank you for completing all your achievement tasks.

Please put the #taskcompilation tag first.

I invite you to join the Steemit Crypto Academy Read here to know more

I invite you to be part of the # club5050, where we must power up an amount equal to or greater than the withdrawn Steem.

I invite you to follow @steemitblog so that you are aware of the latest updates.

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Okay mam @inspiracion,

Thank you for the verification of this #taskcompilation. I will do as you have said both in the area of #club5050 and in the area of the steemit crypto academy.

Thank you once again for labelling me a pro newcomer verified.

Your welcome 😊

My pleasure, but mam I saw in one of your comment that says that I missed the Achievement curation window.

Please I didn't get what you meant by those words.

It means that your achievement 6 post was not upvoted, which is why I added your achievement 6 by voting to your compilation of achievements.

Okay, now I understand. Thanks

Hi, @jerryivan,

Your post has been supported by @inspiracion from the Steem Greeter Team.

We are sorry that we have missed this achievement post curation windows.

I have recovered you missed vote for achievement 6(R3) link + task compilation (R3) = 30% upvote from @steemcurator03