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Hi guys! 😀 My name is Marcelo Tancini, I have a degree in Psychology from PUC-Rio and I created this profile to exchange experiences with you and help you take care of something super important, but which we always leave for later... Our mental health! 🙌

Telling a little about my professional trajectory, I have already worked with child psychology and development in its early stages. I worked as a researcher at the LAPSU psychoanalytical research laboratory, where I developed a psychoanalytic clinic model project, aimed at migrants and refugees from different countries! 🗺

I worked for 2 years at the Self-Awareness Lab, of neuroscience and self-awareness as a scholarship researcher, in collaboration with the research clinic of the IPUB at UFRJ, with bipolar patients investigating their metacognition and autobiographical memory. 🧠

Talking a little about my vision of work in the psychological clinic, I have always believed in a vision that would integrate knowledge from the most diverse aspects of psychology in order to generate a richer and better integrated work. I believe that a good psychotherapist is able to make use of existing tools in the field of psychology, whether they are CBT, psychoanalysis, gestalt, among others! 🤩

I hope to help you on your journeys!


Besides, I have a great passion for the sea, since I was little I've been comfortable in being in contact with it and all the metaphors it represents. 🌊
I currently study and am very interested in sailing and hope to develop this passion even more over time! ⛵️

What else would you like to know about me? Comment here and let's meet! 👇

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