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Hello Everyone !.. 🥰🥰🥰🥰😘

Life is like a book. We go through different chapters from time to time. One chapter can be interesting and another can be boring. I will describe my life book like this.


My name is Ayesh Malinga Heshan. Many call me Ayesh. But I like to be called Heshan. I live in Sri Lanka, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I was born in Meegahakiula, one of the most difficult villages in Sri Lanka. My parents decided to move from village to town. I think that was the biggest change in our lives.


My father is a driver. My mother is a housewife. I have two brothers. We had to face a lot of financial problems at that time. But our family unity increased.


I was educated in two schools. In school I love sports. My main sport was chess. But I loved cricket and athletics. I ended my school life as a deputy head prefect. I think it is a very big achievement in my life.


Travelling is my favorite hobby. I love to travel with my friends. I think traveling is a good treatment for our mental state. No matter how big our problem is if we travel to a free place with friends or alone. We forget all those controls our stress. There are many places to visit in my country. Our country has a very ancient history.

Photographs captured by me

Photographs captured by me

Photographs captured by me

Reading books since I was a child I have read a large number of translated works and adventure books. Our country has a very ancient history. That is why so many interesting folktales have been created. I like to study those folktales. Now I am a university student. So I love folktales. And write a book called Science. I hope you all understand me. We must move forward in the fast-paced and moving world. I hope you all are with me. Let's go on a big journey together.

Special thanks to @sathsara he just introduces me to Steemit...

Thank all 💞💞 …..

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Thank you.

thanks a lot


I warmly welcome you to the Steemit platform and I wish you all the best for a long journey. 😍😍
I just delegated 10sp as a start for your encouragement.

thanks a lot brother


Hi, @heshan2000,

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thanks a lot


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