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Assalamu Alaikum . All praise be to the great
creator . l will try to tell you about me and my hobbies in the introductory episode . I humbly request you to read my introduction episode . I hope you all like it .


                        INTRODUCTION MYSELF 


I am md. habibur Rahaman . my father’s name is md. Nurul Islam . My mother’s name Farida Begum. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife . We are one brother and two sisters . My permanent address is in a beautiful environment rich village of Mirzapur police station in Tangail district .

                      MY EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND 


After complete my diploma . I am studying BSc in Textile Engineering course at Bangladesh Handloom Education and Training Institute,Narsingdi-Dhaka.




I was trying to do something or have a desire . Through which I can spend my leisure time and learn something . Then I came to know about Estimate through two friends in my organization . Their work inspired me to work hard on this platform. One of the main reasons I like the platform is that here I can easily express my skills.
In my personal life I like to write. So what will be very useful on the platform to develop my talent. Now I am going to share with you some of my favourite things that I love to do in my spare time. I like to write poetry and watch sports in my spare time. When it comes to sports, the first thing to talk about is football. Football is my favourite sport. I like green natural enough and want to see the beautiful places of the world i especially want the world to remember me for at least a hundred years after my death by my deeds.

This was my brief introduction. If there is any mistake please comment. I will try to correct the information .
God bless you. I thank my friend (@ilias12 ) for giving me the opportunity to work on such a platform

Thank you sir

                                         Thanks Everyone
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Hi, @habib001,

Your post has been supported by @tocho2 from the Steem Greeter Team.

Thank you so much for supporting me.

Hi, could you please share another verification picture? Please make sure it's not edited.

Do mention the username of the person who introduced you to Steemit.

Thanks Sister for the information.Sister through whom I became aware of the Steemit. His name is given in reply to your comment. Then will my work be completed. If sister had said. Then I would have benefited a lot. Thank you.

My friend told me in detail about the Steemit. I have presented his username. Hopefully now my work is done.

Is there any wrong information in my post? Why my post is not being verified, if you say so I would update the post .

I want to work on steemit. If not verified, then how do I work. If anything goes wrong in my post. Please let me know. I will try to correct.

If there is any mistake in my post. Not being verified due to error. If this happens please let me know. I will try to correct my post. If you would confirm my post. I will be grateful.

Thanks for this great post, I hope to see more from you. In fact, I am now following you. I hope you consider following me back.

It was good to meet you here, I hope you will complete all the Newcomers' Achievements. They are rewarding in themselves.


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Thank you so much for following me.

Hello 😊, welcome to Steemit 🎉...!!!

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Thank you brother. To support me.


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@ilias12, could you please confirm that you introduced this user to Steemit?

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@event-horizon Yes I have introduced..

You have been successfully verified. You may proceed to the next task at your convenience.

Here are few basic guidelines for you:

  • Interact with other users by replying to the comments on your posts and by engaging on their posts.
  • Power up atleast 50% of the rewards to contribute to the growth of STEEM economy and be eligible for curators' votes.
  • Never repost achievement tasks. Edit the original post if requested to make changes.

Good luck!


Thank you very much. To give me a chance to work on this platform.


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