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Hello steemit friends today I want to fulfill my achievement 5 task 1 to make me have a little more knowledge about this beautiful steemit platform, I would like to be helped and verified in this pots. Today I will be answering the following questions, with the little knowledge I have today I will answer these 6 questions

1. Explain how to check the reward summary for all times, last 30 days, and last 7 days for your account.

When entering the page the first thing I did was translate the page from English to Spanish and I could realize that on this page there is a part where it gives you all the information about the reward summary of all times, the last 30 days and the last 7 days in our account.
In the following image we see two arrows, the red arrow shows us the reward summary and the blue arrow points out the recent rewards.

my no 1.jpg

2.Explain What are Delegations, the type of Delegations and how to Delegate SP?

which are delegations: it is understood by delegation because a person delegates to another person why he does not have time to do his work alone, but delegates to another person as an aid in his duty.

Type of Delegations: there are several types of delegation, I name them two types of delegation that are: delegation of functions and delegation of operational activities and in case of this steemit platform I think it delegates a certain amount of steem power to each new user as an aid to the user as to steemit so that user can grow little by little, that is why it is important to perform the ignitions.

How to delegate: for us to be able to delegate on page we go to the (Delegations) and we give it delegate as shown in the following image where the red arrow is located,
Where the black arrow points is to see all the outgoing delegations that we have made and the arrow maron shows us the incoming delegations where I was made two delegations.

my no 2.jpg

In the following image I will show you the window that appears after selecting (Delegate) where there we will place on behalf of the user we want to delegate and the minimum that can be delegated is 1,000 Steem.

my no 3.jpg

3. How to check incoming and outgoing votes? Explain this with screenshots of both votes for your account.

in order to verify the incoming votes we must go to the option of Inc. Votes there we will see what without our incoming votes and if we select the one of Outside. Votes there we find the outgoing votes of our account, the following image shows with the red arrow the incoming votes and the light blue date shows the outgoing votes.

my no 4.jpg

Below I will show you or show you my incoming votes:

my no 5.jpg

I'm also going to show you what my outgoing votes are in my steemit account:

my no 6.jpg

4. How to check account trades during the last 7 days and all the details that can be verified?

below we can find the option of account operations in the black arrow indicates the dates of which the day we want to know about our operation, do as I show them in the following image.

my no 7.jpg

In the following image that you will see you will be able to realize that not only can we the operations of votes and comment but we can also see other options such as: comment, personalized JSON, delegations, negative votes, market orders, rewards, related to MSF, transfer.

my no 8.jpg

5. Explain the author, healing, and beneficiary rewards. Also, mention the author and healing rewards for your account for the past 7 days.

almost in the final part of the we can find the option of (Next rewards) where we can see the author rewards and healing rewards, if we want to see the healing rewards we select it and give it update as I am going to show them in the next capture.

my no 9.jpg

Now I will also show you in the following images what my author and healing rewards are.

my no 10.jpg

my no 11.jpg

6. How to check the value of your vote in favor and in different voting weights using this tool?

in order to be able to verify or know what the value of our vote is on this page, it does not show them first of all, where it shows us everything about our voting power that our account has. Where we see when our voting weight is the following image in that colored symbol.

my no 12.jpg

And a little below what we saw in the previous image we can see a series of forms where it also tells us about our vote weight and other information about our steemit account, that if the reputation we have, how long our voting power is restored among other cocas on our account.

I hope you like my achievement 5 Task 1

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Best regards @gulshank I am pleased to congratulate you on the correct fulfillment of slogan 1 corresponding to Achievement 5 you can continue your development with the slogan 2 that will allow you to complete this achievement

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