Achievement-1: Introduction to steemit by @georgygar

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Hi all!
My name is Jorge and I´m 25 years old. I live in Spain which is such a wonderful country and a good destination for tourists ;) (some good spam of my country here).
I am an IT engineer, specialized in cybersecurity. This is quite a wide area of study so you have to improve your skills everyday. I love to learn new things and being active in my life, not just sitting on a chair and watch life go past.
I am a curious person, so I am always trying to learn new things, that´s why I am also interested in everything related to cars, fitness, photography, drawing, cooking....... When I have some time I like to play video games but nowadays that´s almost impossible for me.

I don´t have experience with crypto, three days ago I didn´t even have any wallet with cryptocurrencies, but in the last years I´ve been learning about it. It´s such an amazing world and, from my point of view, we will use it almost everyday in the future.

As I said I have many hobbies: travelling and taking pictures, going to the mountain, playing videogames, drawing...
I also love to cook and one day I would like to show you how good is spanish food. I pretend to post some spanish traditional recipes so stay tuned!! ;D


I also love the world of cars. Almost everyday I watch videos/reviews about all type of cars, so I want to share that knowledge with you, too. Of course I will post about cybersecurity as I find it so useful and interesting (even If you are not a developer).

Having said that, I hope to learn with your posts as you can learn with me: about any kind of topic. It´s always a good idea to specialize in something but we also cook everyday, go to the gym, to the mointain... I think knowledge cannot be restricted to a single theme.

I discovered steemit a few months ago and I thought this was a good site to learn, share experiences and discuss any kind of topics. I waited for the start of 2021, as a New year´s resolution, and now here I am :D

Hope you enjoy my content as I will enjoy yours, and we all support each other.
Last, to do something different, you can see a self portrait done just with a black pencil (instead of a classic photo) which I could do during lockdown. The pandemy brought a few (very very few) good things, like free time for me.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy. Whish you all the best for this year.


Here is my verification photo, holding a paper with my nick on steemit and today´s date.
Thank you, @besticofinder , for helping me to improve my #achievement1 :)


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Welcome to Steemit dear friend ❤️🙌

Thank you so much @mariannysleone

Hi @georgygar ,
Sorry we have missed your introduction post. I'm not able to verify it as we need you to follow the instructions provided here. Can you resubmit the introduction post following the instructions provided here Achievement 1 : Verification Through Introduction.
Thank you

Hello @besticofinder ,
As I can see, I didn´t post a photo of myself holding some info for the last verification (I think that´s the only thing missing). I will edit this post tomorrow.
Thank you!

Hi @georgygar,

Yes. Please leave me a comment here after that so I can verify both the achievements.
Thank you.

Hi @besticofinder
Now it should be complete, thank you a lot!

Hello @georgygar ,
Congratulations on completeing achievement 01 !
Welcome to this wonderful community and wish you will enjoy Steemit !
I'm @besticofinder, a member of the Steem Greeters Team.

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Wish you a great future with Steemit !

Please feel free to ask anything and have a nice day !