Achievement 5 Task 1 by @esthyfashion : Review

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You are welcome to this review of the decentralized app. A creation of @steemchiller

In this post, we will examine some of the great features of the tool and how it could be used to perform some basic function like:

  • Checking a users reward
  • How to make a Steem Power delegation
  • Monitor incoming votes
  • Check account activities
  • Check Beneficiary history

Checking Reward Summary

With the introduction of the different club status, checking our monthly reward is essential for calculations.

To check an account's reward summary:

Load your web browser, go to the address bar and enter

The steemworld logo will show you the loading progress status and wait for the page to load


• Move over to the top right corner and select sign in, providing a User name and your posting key.


Many icons will be displayed
• Select dashboard


• Scroll down till you see the reward summary tap. In this tap, you will be provided with the account rewared for 7 days, 30 days and for the account's entire earnings.


Steem Power Delegation

Delegation is the "handing over" of some of your Steem power to another steemit user. The account receiving the delegation will have more Steem power to influence voting.

Types of Delegation
In steemit there are two types of delegations, one that is Out-going and one that is In-coming.

Outgoing Delegation
A Delegation is outgoing to the account making the delegation an experiencing a reduction in it's Steem power. When I make a Delegation to Steem travelers, to esthyfashion it is an outgoing Delegation.

Incoming Delegation
In that situation where I make a Delegation to Steem travelers, the Steem travelers community account sees it as an incoming Delegation, with a corresponding increase in Steem power.

How to make a Delegation with steemworld

• Start by Login to steemworld using your username and password, from there you will go to the dashboard.


• Scroll down and select the Delegation tab.

This will open the delegate window.


• Enter the account that will be the beneficiary and the Amount you are delegating


Confirm by selecting ok.

Factors that affects delegation
• Powering down delegated steem is not possible
• if you don't have steem, you can't delegate steem
• You can't re-delegate delegated Steem power.
• you will need up to seven days to fully cancel a Delegation.
• It's impossible to delegate or power down delegated Steem.
• You can not power down a delegation you received

How to check Incoming and Outgoing Votes

To Check your Incoming Votes
-logging into
-Select Dashboard icon
-Select 'States'
-Select 'Inc. Votes...' button.



** To Check outgoing Votes**
-logging into Steemworld
-Select 'Dashboard'
-Select 'States'
-Go for 'Out. Votes...'



How to Monitor Account Activities.

• login to Steemworld with username and posting key
• scroll down and select Dashboard
• Scroll down and select Account Operation


With this option you can monitor what happened today, yesterday and all through last week.
While looking through your account Activities, look into all incoming or outgoing activities.

Other things you can do here are:
• Checking Benefactor Rewards
• Checking Curation Rewards
• Analysis of Market Order and
• Custom JSON

Check Author, Curation and Beneficiary Rewards

Author Reward
This is the reward sent to an account for making a post and getting voted by other users.

This is my Author Reward for the past 7days

Curation Reward
This is the rewared I get from voting on other people's post.

This is what I got the past 7days

Beneficiary Reward
This is the reward I get if someone want me to get a percentage of his Authors reward

This is what I gained as Beneficiary for the past 7 days

How to check my upvote value

The voting weights outcome


The round progress meter at the top of the steemworld page provides this information.


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi @devids, this is to inform you that we have successfully verified your achievement 5.1, you may move to the next achievement task.
Thank you for completing this achievement.

It's also very important for you to join #club5050. To join the club you need to power up at least 50% of your monthly earnings. You can also join #club75 where you will power up 75% of your earnings for 2 months or #club100 where you are to power up all your earnings for 3 months.

Also note that all achievement posts must be posted only once. Even if your post is not verified, you need to exercise patience and be sure to tag a greeter to verify you

Thank you for completing this Achievement.

Task rate: 3

Hi @esthyfashion, you need to power up at least 50% of your earnings to be in at least club5050