Achievement 1: Introducing myself on Steemit by @culioo

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Heita Steemit!

I'm Charles Uduike and I go by the name Coolio cos I like to rap and rhyme. coolio and culio were already taken so I gotta go with culioo which is kinda cool too.

I'm 22 and from South Africa and was raised in Diepkloof outside Joburg - the same township as Nasty C. This is me


I finished school at 16 and work in sales for a distribution company. It's not much fun but it pays the billz. I hope to be a famous rapper one day.

I also like sport - Rugby, Cricket and mostly soccer and hanging out with my bros. I'm an only child so my mates mean everything to me.

I support Kaizer Chiefs and get to go to some matches because I can walk to the stadium from my home. We gonna win the league, no doubt.

I found about Steemit from Hive which is full of angry people now. Steemit's better!

I usually write about sport and share some lyrics so let me know what you think!

Aweh friends.

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Welcome on Steemit!

At first, we recommend you to continue making Achievement posts in Newcommers community and review this tutorial with the answers for the most important questions. Don’t you worry if for the first few days or even weeks you will be making the mistakes or writing great quality posts without expected income. Give yourself the time for learning all the stuff and being discovered by other users :) Write every day (or almost every day) and you will surely become successful at some point.

Before you will start writing, you have to select the communities where you want to be active. I recommend you to choose those of them that are related to your hobbies and, obviously, not too small. Personaly, I’d select any community with more than 75 users, but it’s your choice. To make it easier, I’m sending the link to the complete list of active communities on Steemit (searcher does not work well, so it’s better to use that list instead)

The complete list of active communities - December 2021

Finally, I would love to invite you to my own community Steem-Travelers. It’s all about traveling, culture, cuisine from all around the world, traditions et cetera. Plenty of great content to read and comment, plenty of interesting posts that you cound write there as well. We always appreciaate the best quality content, we are putting a lot of attention to the quality of the community announcements, graphics of the community as well as additional programs, like Guide with Travelers where you can offer your services as the local tour guide for some STEEM or Stay with Travelers where you can offer your apartment, room or bed in a shared room to rent for STEEM, a bit ‘Couchsurfing style’.

Join Steem-Travelers

Enjoy Steemit and feel free to ask me any questions if you don’t know something!

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Thanks for the info