Notice Board of Newcomers Community Updated 2/June/2021

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Hello Newcomers of Steemit ! This Notice Board post is where we compiled all of the previous important posts (Tutorials & Useful Tools/Guides) for Newcomers to come and refer to whenever the need arises. We will update this Notice Board from time to time as more new guides or tutorials being published.

Newcomers Achievement Program

English version

Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources

Spanish version

Recursos para los Ingresantes: Logros, Materiales y Recursos

Turkish version

Yeni Katılan Türk Kullanıcılar İçin - Kazanım Görevleri ( Achievement Tasks ) Türkçe Versiyonu Hazır!

Bangladesh version

Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources[বাংলায় ট্রান্সলেশন]

Bahasa Indonesia version

Kumpulan Panduan Tugas Achivement dan Materi Tugas Pencapaian Bagi Pendatang Baru



How to Create a Community Account on Steemit and add the role of "ADMIN" (Revised Edition) updated 25/5/2021

How to put TAGs on your Steemit Post

Russian translation : Гайд 🔧: Как (и для чего) размещать теги в публикациях на Steemit

How do I claim rewards in Steemit-- (Manually and Auto-Claim)?

Spanish version
¿Cómo recojo mis recompensas en Steemit? (Manual y automático)

Italian version
Come riscattare le ricompense su Steemit (Manualmente e Automaticamente)?

Ukraine version
Як подати запит на виплату за пости на Steemit (вручну та автоматично) [UKR]

Russian version
Как можно получить вознаграждение в Steemit - (вручную и автоматически)?

How to Exchange your SBD to Steem?

How to Delegate your steem power?

How to Not Lose Your TRX Reward on Steemit

Tronlink wallet and Tronscan on Tron Blockchain: Useful tools

Steem Account Safety

Spring Cleaning Steem Acccount to Avoid Hacker

Understanding Posting & Active keys Authority

Your Steem Account gets Hacked? What to do next?

Useful Info & Guides

New to Steemit? Check this out ▶ Steemit Newbie Roadmap

Understanding- PoB, Curation & Voting in Steem Blockchain

The Complete Steemit Etiquette Guide (Revision 2.0) -Homage
Traducción al español - Guía completa de etiqueta Steemit (revisión 2.0) -Homage

Herramientas y recursos para Steemit (TIENES QUE CHEQUEAR) | Tools and resources for Steemit (MUST CHECK) | By @Psicoparedes🧠

How to use Discord?


List of Communities on Steemit with categories List of active groups organized by theme 05.2021

Steem Greeters Discord server:

Steem Greeters Team.

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Hi, I am new here on Steemit and found this to be very helpful, thank you!

Thanks for your great works in this community @cryptokannon

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@cryptokannon, please I would appreciate if you can do a repost compiling all the newcomer task. I could not find it.


Much loves from Nigeria @cryptokannon, below is my introduction post:
Achievement 1: My introduction post on steemit

Very good guidelines from @cryptokannon

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Thanks for the info it helped alot

This is really helpful
Thank you!


Thank you @cryptokannon for all your dedication and work you do!
I am still new to this platform and learning daily. I still have not been verified. Can you please help with this?

Thank you!!

good post, and very helpful for newcomers

Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ Hello
I have post my achievement 5 task 1, but haven’t get verify yet. Could you please check my task,
Thank you so much @cryptokannon

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felicidades @cryptokannon

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