📢Announcement : Hello Newcomers!

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Hello Newcomers!

Last week Steemit Crypto Academy has launched The Beginners Level Introductory Courses 📢Announcement : Join The Beginners Level Introductory Courses 📚 that you can participate anytime without an expiry date. Please take note of the requirement of the courses before you submit your homework post.

This week they have launched the first weekly courses of Season 3 which are :

  • two Beginners courses,
  • three Intermediate courses and
  • two Advanced courses.

You may participate in any of those courses if you met the criteria or requirements for the courses. I think you should be able to join the two Beginners courses as the requirement for those courses are lower than the other 2 higher level. Please submit your homework tasks before the expiry date of 11.59pm UTC, on Saturday, July 3rd 2021.

For more details about the courses please see this post The Steemit Crypto Academy Weekly Update [ June 28th, 2021 ] : The New Courses

Newcomers Achievement Program

These are the Newcomers Achievement Program that has been translated into several languages, you may write your post in any of these languages :

English version

Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources

Spanish version

Recursos para los Ingresantes: Logros, Materiales y Recursos

Turkish version

Yeni Katılan Türk Kullanıcılar İçin - Kazanım Görevleri ( Achievement Tasks ) Türkçe Versiyonu Hazır!

Bangladesh version

Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources[বাংলায় ট্রান্সলেশন]

Bahasa Indonesia version

Kumpulan Panduan Tugas Achivement dan Materi Tugas Pencapaian Bagi Pendatang Baru

This program has no expiry date but you only eligible for an upvote if you are newcomers that registered into Steemit in the year 2021.

Complete at least until achievement 4 of Newcomers Achievement Program then you will be eligible for :

Please don't be hesitate to ask me any questions in regard to these programs, I would be happy to assist you.

Keep on steeming, Steem on! 🚀

Steem Greeters Team.

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Good day @cryptokanon, I have what is bothering me.
I being elected for the 500sp support and I have mad 8 post within the past three days and I have not received any support. One of my post received a comment that I will receive a curation from booming, but I did not receive any up vote till it was after 7 days and expired without any up vote.

Hi @jhulee maybe the curators of booming skipped it as it already expired by the time they get into it. Keep on publish your post at Steemit Nursery community as we will put any of your latest active posts for 500SP support list. We actually have method in curating/putting your post for booming support.
The curators will pick the post based on the participant serial number. You may check where they currently at by looking at their comment on the post of 500SP Minnow Support Program: Curation List - Updated 25/06/2021 then the comments of 500SP curators here https://steemit.com/hive-142140/@rex-sumon/qv9jr3 they currently stop at serial no.95 then next curator in charge will start to find a post from participant with serial number 96 until they get enough 5 posts for their curation session. They will skip any participant that don't have any active post at Steemit Nursery community. So it is good to check where they currently at on the serial number so you can gauge when will be your turn for curation and you have enough active post at Steemit Nursery so you don't get skipped by them.

Thanks very much for replying me at @cryptokanon, I have checked the list and I am at number 17 at the list, that means my Curation day has pass... But when will I be curated again?

I think when they are on no.10 serial numbers, but these serial numbers change weekly as @rex-sumon will update them weekly. The reason is some participants have reached 500SP and some have not active for almost 2 months and we delist inactive people from the program.

Just make sure you have active good quality posts available at Steemit Nursery when you see the curators are about near your latest serial number in the program.

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Ok, once again thanks @cryptokanon
I appreciate allot

Superb greetings @cryptokanon.
The 500sp support is really confusing me, at @rex-sumon publication i was having 209SP, now in his present post i am having 270SP and i had no up vote, so he did increase.


@cryptokanon, I have the same issue. I applied for 500sp Minnow support program. I have been selected and labelled with small fish icon. I have written more than 5 posts and many have expired and none was supported.

The problem is when you ask question, they won't reply you...

I suggest they make a post about how the curation goes, so we will understand better


I have completed the task of achievement 4, am I in the category that can take part in the 500SP Minnow Support Program: Curation List - Updated 25/06/2021

Yes you can @fadli99

Hi @fadli99 yes you're eligible for that program.

I have registered, hope it is accepted

Hi @crytokannon please I applied for 500sp Minnow Support program but I haven't been verified.

Hi, @cryptokannon, achievement1 has been done. Thank you.
Achievement1 by @sagarc

hey @cryptokannon i complete achivement 4 succesfully i never get any reward on my achievement post from curation team i see you post 📢Participants Of Newcomers Achievement Program : Expired Achievement tasks? Comment below.. and drop a link of my expired achivement post and i am doing post regulary post steemit nursery community but not get any upvot why ?

I have a quick look at your comment's section and your engagement on Steemit not that great as most of the time you ask people to follow you back. The right way to do it : leave a meaningful comment to others' posts, they will naturally follow you back without you asking. As for your expired achievement's task, make sure you have active posts available that is quality post so curators may do catch up upvote on them. Keep on steeming! 😃

Thanks for giving me a great answer that I will post standard now and never again as a comment in the coming days Thanks @cryptokannon

Most of my Achievement where not up voted till it was after 7 days but I have two more Achievement let that has been verified but no up vote... These are the link to the Achievement below👇:

Achievement 6 by @jhulee: Understanding Curation and Community

List Of Achievement Task 1-6: Completed By @jhulee

Good afternoon ma'am @cryptokannon, I have posted my introductory post months ago but I haven't been notified that my achievement 1 post has been verified, will I make a new intro post again? This is the link of my intro post. https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@jenny018/self-introductory-post-my-simple-me

hola hace ya 26 dia que publique mi recopilacion de tareas del 1 al 6 y no ha sido revisada.

hello where can i register this?? I have completed the task achievement 1 to achievement 5 task 2

I have registered for the 500sp program and have met the criteria for the program, why hasn't there been a response?? should I wait?? thanks

Achievement 5.2 & 5.3 . It has been 27 & 22 days for this two post. still got no curation vote. Please give me a suggestion what should I do. I will really appriciate a help from any side.




Can someone verify this? I've been running around asking for help. I got accepted for the 500 sp minnow support program and want to contribute to it but these achievements are making me feel like I'm not gonna get enough support for my hardwork.

Hi @arunbiju969 I have put your post to the attention of the greeters' team. Could you please keep on publish your content so we can do catch up upvote on them? If you don't have any active posts, we couldn't support/do catch up upvote for your expired achievements task.

Thank you @cryptokannon, Should I wait for the verification of the current post or can I move on to the next one?

you will have to wait for the verification

Okay, I Will wait for the verification.

Hi everyone!
Achievement1 is done!
Hope you all are doing well.

thanks so much for this the information. i am joined steemit in 2019 but i had a problem with my device and i couldn't do anything online since i wasn't using andriod phone. i am here again but from your post, u state that the class upvote will be for those that join steemit in 2021. please how do i go about this as i am really affected by that? thanks.

If you have a WhatsApp group, it will be easier for us to ask you questions


How does my achievement 3 look like?

Helo mam i am new where is task kindly explain please

Hello, @crytokannon, what happens to someone whose achievement post expired without being verified?