Achievement 4 - Using Markdown - CMP2020 Explanation and Sample Post

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Hello everyone! This is the fourth achievement for my variation on the Steem Greet achievements. This post will discuss my criteria for the achievement, and provide a sample post. If you need help with markdown, I have made this guide to help you!

My Expectations

To be clear, if you are one of the users following my program, please make sure to use my username as one of your tags (so #cmp2020), and make sure to mention me in the article (by saying "@cmp2020").

Make sure to include at least "Achievement 4" or some variation of "Markdown" in the title of your post.

Please make sure that images are used with permission (or from the public domain)

Also make sure to post this through the Steem Greet Community, and use the tag #learningmarkdown.

My Criteria

This post can be centered around any topic. What I will be looking for is:

Formatting that demonstrates an understanding of at least the basic elements of markdown. While advanced concepts are not required, they are encouraged. I will consider what elements are used when deciding how much to upvote a post with. Generally speaking, the cleaner and more advanced formatting will receive a higher upvote.

Elements of markdown

For clarification, here is what I will consider basic and advanced:

Basic (required)

Italicized text
Bold text
Striked text (optional)

At Least one type of heading
  • A bulleted item or list

And a block quote

Advanced (optional)

A hyperlink
A table
A Text-wrapped picture (with a source underneath)
Justified text

Other Editors

I would like to point out that there are other markdown editors which you can try out. I will list out a few here:

It is important to know that each of these editors have different features. Please do appropriate research before downloading them. You should also know that some features (such as wrapping text to images) are exclusive to the Steem editor.

I will now write a sample post that demonstrates markdown editing:

Hadrian's Wall

Hello everyone! For this article I decided to research Hadrian's Wall. My interest in it comes from George RR Martin's hyperbolic version of the wall in his fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. Here's a quote Martin gave about the wall:

The Wall predates anything else. I can trace back the inspiration for that to 1981. I was in England visiting a friend, and as we approached the border of England and Scotland, we stopped to see Hadrian’s Wall. I stood up there and I tried to imagine what it was like to be a Roman legionary, standing on this wall, looking at these distant hills. . .

Let's discuss the history of Hadrian's Wall (my source for this article was wikipedia):

What was Hadrian's Wall?

Hadrian's wall marked the Roman Empire's border farthest to the north. . There are several theories for why the wall was built:

  • To represent defense above expansion
  • To capitalize on the trade occurring in the area
  • To signify the power of the Roman empire

One theory is that the wall was meant to represent Hadrian's belief of defense above expansion. Another theory suggests that frontiers like this wall were not meant to mark Roman boundaries, but were rather placed strategically to control and profit off of trade through taxation. Another theory is that the wall was meant to signify Rome's power, and that the wall was covered in plaster so that it could be seen for miles.

Hadrian's wall now is one of the largest tourist attractions that Britain has. It was labeled a World Heritage site in 1987, and is regularly visited by tourists.

Thanks for reading this! I hope you learned a little something about Hadrian's Wall!


Thanks for reading this! The point of this achievement is to demonstrate proficiency in basic markdown editing. I hope that you have learned a thing or two about how to edit in a markdown editor. If you need help, feel free to comment here, or message me on discord (info in bio)!

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