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All protocols must be observed.

First, I want to say that I am happy to move to the next level in Steemit community by writing about the Content Etiquette on Steemit after I am through with my achievement 1: task and achievement 2: task.
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However, writing about the Content Etiquette on Steemit as I know today will help me to gain full knowledge about how to sail my day to day activities on the Steemit opensea at ease without encumbrance.

After my secondary school, I applied for Nigerian Navy in my Country Home. I so much love Navy force so I pick their form and fill it via internet immediately my Uncle told me the news of the ongoing Nigerian Navy Recruitment online. Although, I did not succeed to be a force man as I wanted, reason being that the member states that makeup Nigerian is above 29 member states and each member state is allocated below 22 candidates, where my state origin itself is above 22 local governments. So; the number of slot giving to each member state that makeup Nigeria at large, my state origin local government alone, is above 1 bigger than the slot giving to each member state that my country is known for.
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To cut the past story short. I was dropped after I have passed all due recruitment processes and additional reason being that the total slot for entire Nigerian Navy portion that year was smaller than above 10000 candidates that applied for Nigerian Navy Exercise. Umm; just remembered my past, Well; my intention of saying about my Nigerian Navy Recruitment experience is that we were asked to dress in white. White is our dressing code or etiquette to all candidates that applied. White cloth, white shoe, white cape and a white tie. And each of us that applied for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment tolerated the centralized dressing etiquette during our recruitment process notwithstanding our decentralized individual opinion toward the Nigerian Navy recruitment dressing etiquette.

Based on my past experienced with Nigerian Navy Recruitment I am meant to know that Steemit Content Etiquette is a set rule that a Steemian is to abide to when writing a post into Steem blockchain website. Each Steemian is obliged to abide by the rule unlike how I abide to Nigerian Navy dressing cod some years past.

My Own Understanding Of Content Etiquette In Steem Is That:
  1. Any post that a Steemian is to write at Steem blockchain website must or should be his or her own brain.
  2. Any post that a Steemian wrote at Steem blockchain website that is not from his or her own brain is to be seen as a plagiarism.
  3. So to avoid plagiarism, a Steemian is advised to add source citation link with a quotation sign to show clearly where the material is lifted from.

Subsequently, the Content Etiquette in the Steem platform is not a joke; per say; but an order which Steemian are strictly obliges to abide to during their posting of content parade at Steem blockchain website.

Steem blockchain through her Achievement 3: Content Etiquette Tutorial written by @cryptokannon showed lots of examples on how a Steemian is to present its work to avoid plagiarism by simply cite that sourcehead being where that Steemian lifted the information. In doing so, Steem blockchain will not be an encourager of plagiarism but a promoter of intellectual property which is the core reason all Steemian are mandated to post self written post, at worst; a Steemian should cite the sourcehead being where the text is lifted from, as to proof that his or her post represents Steem marketplace idea.

How To Cite A Sourcehead To Avoid Plagiarism Penalty In The Steem Marketplace:
Step 1:
Invoke source link tag by typing:
Achievement 6 qout.jpg

Step 2:
Fill in that information you want to cite and also attach source highperlinktext and address extension of that lifted content.
Achievement 6 qout.jpg

Step 3:
Then see step 4: image for broaden view on how to combine necessary argument at the invoked source link tag in step 1 and step 2.

Step 4:
Achievement 5 qout.jpg

The owner of the information I filled at the step 4 image is lifted from @cryptokannon Achievement 3: Content Etiquette Tutorial. A Steemian is to follow the said steps by step above anytime a Steemian want to cite a sourcehead to make its post professional and also to avoid plagiarism penalty at Steem marketplace.

I always learn something new whenever I dive into actualizing my achievement assignment because each of the achievement tasks is to expose Steemian to Steem marketplace rudiment. Now I have seen that achievement 3 is to takeout abuse of unnecessary use of intellectual property right which I think is common to inexperience writers today.

" I have read and understood the Steemit Content Etiquette and i will surely abide to it"

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Congrats on completing this task! You can now proceed to the next task - Achievement 4: Applying Markdown Styles.

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