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I want to start my post of Compilation of Achievement Tasks by expressing my gratitude @cryptokannon for the futuristic and educational program that opens up a new world and its operation as steemit is. I also thank all the curators who work on the platform and who without descando and ethically correct and verify each user, they are part of the Steem Greeter Team. Without further ado, I present my collection or compilation of achievement tasks.

Achievement 1: Introduction to the Steemit community


Achievement 1

In this work I published a very simple note, I introduced myself to the community and everyone on the Steemit platform. The publication also includes academic information and tastes and other things I do not like.

Achievement 2 task on basic security on steem


Achievement 2

In this publication I explained the measures that must be followed to keep our account safe, the backup copies of our keys for safekeeping. I also talked about how to transfer Steem to another Steemit account and how to turn on our Steem to increase our power in Steemit.

Achievement 3 : Task : Content Etiquette


Achievement 3

In this post define plagiarism and how important it is that you are original and exclusive, not stealing ideas from other users and respecting copyright.

Achievement Task 4: Applying Markdown


Achievement 4

In this post I used Markdown to format my post. Applying this format: apply red color to fonts, insert images, show how to work with headers, apply bold, italics and strikethrough to texts and words, and also worked with tables and alignment.

Achievement 5 Task 1 : Review


Achievement 5.1

In this post we review the tool which is very useful for administrations, moderators, curators and for us ordinary users. Through this tool we can verify the operations of our account in relation to votes, delegation, and rewards and most importantly our voting power within the platform.

Achievement 5 Task 2 | Review


Achievement 5.2

This tool allows you to know the current value of your Steem before it makes a transaction since it informs you of the amount of Steem available in the market and a list of the current transactions made in Steemit Blockchain. It also provides information about witnesses and how to vote for them. This tool also has a fast cryptocurrency converter.

Achievement 5 Task 3 : Review


Achievement 5.3

In this review I learned and understood how the power of effective Steem is calculated. I learned how to delegate using this app and learned how to access a user's transfers and voting history. Among many other options such as the programming of the rewards that are received or claimed automatically.

Achievement 5 Task 4: Review of


Achievement 5.4

Through discovered and learned how to access a user's recent history and check their posts, votes, reblogs, rewards, transfers, and other things. It also shows you your voting power within the platform.

Achievement 6 Task | Understanding Curation and Community


Achievement 6

Already finishing with the last achievement, I explained the value of voting and healing, the negative effects of voting a post before lis 5 minutes of publication and the benefits of voting for other users. In this publication I explained my reasons why I voted for a witness and my motivation and interest in choosing the communities to which I am subscribed.


In this post I make a compilation of some of the great things I have learned in the development and publication of my achievements, so that it can be analyzed and approved.

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Hello @armaa, what a pleasure to be able to congratulate you after having successfully completed the entire program, i hope all the knowledge obtained allows you to achieve your goals within estimate with a better level of development.

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Hi, @armaa,

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