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Hy Friends how are you I hope everyone doing well. I would like to tell you that my achievement3 has been verified and now I'm here for achievement4. In this post I'll explain the whole education system of my country named Pakistan and while writing my lost I'll use all markdown used for steemit blogging so let's start.



Education System of Pakistan

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Pakistan became independent on August 14, 1947۔Pakistan is a South

Asian country with the population of 220.9 million (2020). Pakistan ranked on 5th by population in the world.Literacy rate of Pakistan is 58 percent thus less then 46.49 percent women are being literate and more then 69.29 percent are men. The current Constitution of Pakistan is effective since 1973. source

Education Structure of Pakistan

Lets me tell you about the Education Structure of Pakistan.

Primary Classes5 years
Middle Classes3 years
High classes2 years
Higher classes2 years
Graduation2 years
Master2 Years
  • Primary Education

When a child reaches the age of five in Pakistan, then he starts going to school and takes admission in the first class. In the education system of Pakistan, education from first grade to fifth grade is called primary education. Admission to playgroups and nurseries is also required by `modern requirements`, but education is formally started from the age of 5 years.


Students in primary School

  • Middle Class Education

After completing five years of primary education, middle class education begins. It includes education from class 6th to class 8th. In middle class education all basic subjects are taught which English is compulsory and other subjects are also taught. After getting middle class education, every child is able to read and write which increases the literacy rate of Pakistan.
  • High Class Education

High school education is of two years consisting of class 9th and 10th. The examinations of these two classes are taken by the Board of Education in the division and they also announce the results. Class 10th is last class in School education after that college education begins.

images (2).jpeg

Students of grade 10th in Examination Center


  • Higher Class Education

Higher education consists of two years education consisting of 11th and 12th grades. In higher education, all students choose their respective disciplines and choose the subjects related to those disciplines. Medical pre-engineering and arts education as well as other subjects are taught in colleges. Government of Pakistan offers free college in colleges but also there is many private colleges in the country.
  • Graduation

Graduation consists of two years which are obtained from different colleges and universities. After graduation Students start their professional life and show the essence of their skills practically in different fields.


graduation students in their convocation

  • Master

In Pakistan after the graduation students take admission in master degree program. Master degree consist on 2 years of education. You can select only Subject in masters. After the master degree 16 year of education gets completed. Mostly students starts their jobs in different fields of life and served the nation.
  • MPhil & PhD

Students took admission in MPhil and PhD after the masters to get doctorate degree in any specific subject to get admission in MPhil or PhD you have to complete your masters degree in subject which you want to chose for MPhil or PhD.

Pakistan Students award 800x400.jpg_1655190442.jpeg

Pakistani PhD student wins foreign award in Qatar


In this post achievement4 I tried my best to explain the education system/structure of Pakistan and during writing the post _I have used markdowns_ and also learned many new markdowns. Finally I am very thankful to Steemit community for this platform and through this achievement provide me a chance to learn something new. After this achievement hopefully Improvements will be seen in my steemit post.

Have a very good day to all of you👍

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