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Why FIFA Should Consider Giving Lionel Messi The Ballon d'Or For Keep Or Name It After Him

Just when you think it is over for the soçcer magician, he comes up with big surprises. That's just who Leo is. Are you talking about his skills, or his determination, consistency, just name it.

Funny enough, you can never be loved by all. Some people will simply dislike you because to them, you have succeeded enough. They think others should also succeed. They hold on to this belief as if someone is holding anyone down.

In this thread, we are going to talk about Why Lionel Messi should take Ballon D'or for keep. It may sound ridiculous, but if you critically analyze the idea, your opinion will change.

Goal Scoring

Those who don't think that the Argentine is the greatest footballer of all time tend to compare him with other great players according to several goals scored. But one thing they don't consider is that most players compared to him are strikers whose primary job is goal scoring.

The fact that he is a midfielder competing with strikers in goals makes him a great guy. If you still have doubts, how many midfielders have banged or bang goals as he does.

Check out his overall goal statistics:

"He has played a total of 947 games and scored 756 goals and 318 assists in his career ". Source

Breaking this down, Messi excluding friendlies, has 676 goals and 281 assists in 789 outings. He has 55 Hat-tricks, 101 penalties and have 29 misses. Leo, as he is fondly called have 158 caps for his country In those outings, he had 80 goals and 47 assists.


Those Comparing Messi should also bring those strikers to compare to him in playmaking. They will not but agree he is the best. After all, in football, goals are not all there is.

As he is being compared with others in their supposed areas of comparative advantage, they should also beam light in playmaking. None of them comes close to Leo. His number MOTM compared to others is there for proof.

Check his playmaking history for this season he hasn't been his best alone. Played 6 games, dribbles and accurate passes completed in Ligue 1, according to the infogol,

"Lionel Messi averages 53 passes per match with a pass completion rate of 86%, and has 3 assist" Source

In UCL, he has achieved the following outstanding playmaking stats:

"Lionel Messi averages 54 passes per match with a pass completion rate of 87%, and has 0 assists". Source

Please note that he has played only 4 matches

Now look at what he has done in Copa America: The SouthAmerican was in action 7 times.

"He had 12 shots on target from a total of 19 shots and scored 4 goals". Source

Again, he had an average of 43 passes per match and was accurate in 81% of them. Need I even tell you that he claimed the MVP and MOTM.

Ballon d'Or

Many people think Lionel Messi doesn't deserve the seventh Ballon D'or. That's their opinions and we give them to them. But anyone sincere to himself will be objective enough to look at statistics and make an informed judgement

If he already has this season he hasn't been his best, you can imagine his performance when he is his best.

This been said already, Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the GOAT in football. So having won the award more than anyone else, breaking his records over and over, FIFA should consider creating another award. This will leave Ballon for Messi for keeping as an honour.

An alternative would be to change the name of the awards to reflect the name of the football god. Something like, "Leo D'or" or any other would do.

Please note that this is my opinion and I drew inspiration from African Nation Cup where countries who win it 3 times take it for keep.


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