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Topic: Review steemscan


What is steemscan?

Steemscan is a steem based tool which functions as converting steem to other crypto currencies like USDT, BTC and TRX as well.



When it comes to witness on steemit, witness can be explained as a list of witnesses where they can be located in the witness page, moreover you can also choose to vote for any witness of your choice.




Dapps is known to be a built blockchain. This Dapps helps you to choose any Dapps of your choice of interest.



Last Transaction

Last transaction, In steemscan, when it entails transactions you can view all the recent transaction on the steem blockchain.


How to use quick convert

For you to be able to use quick convert all you have to do is select steem to be converted to other crypto currencies like USDT, BTC or TRX.


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