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Hello everyone, i hope this week is going well for us and we are all up and doing in a positive way. I want to say thank you to @slon21veka for creating this wonderful and educating contest.

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People normally get confused on the shape of the earth. Either it is round or flat. Most times we get to argue with people what we were being taught in school. While studying Geography in Secondary school days, when the topic Earth was introduced, the teacher asked what shape the earth is. Numerous students gave answers like round, some said flat and a particular student being convinced by himself decided to say, the earth is Orange in shape and we all busted into laugh.

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From the globe, we can see that the earth is round shaped. I would say the earth is round in shape and not flat, that is, it is oblate spheroid but this context picks either round or flat.

The circumference of the earth differs from its diameter due to it's shape(oblate spheroid), meaning it cannot be of equal circumference all round because the poles are squished, causing a bulge at the equator thereby creating a large circumference and diameter there. The earth rapidly rotates every 24hrs.
I hope this explains why the earth is round.

I would like to invite @benson6, @chiomzy810, @vianneyspirit to participate in this contest. Thank you

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