Contest // Topic of the week №45 // The scariest moment in my life by @brendakim

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Hello Family

Thank you @slon21veka for organizing this contest.

I have had moments that have been scary, really scary in my life.
I remember the time I was having my first baby in the hospital.


I went with mixed feelings of how everything was going to be.

Thinking about life as a new mother, how is it even going to be? Anyway, I went to the labor suit, pacing up and down , muttering every manner of prayer under my breath.
The water broke but it was not the usual one, it was dark green in color. The doctors recommended a caesarean birth after signing a consent form. Tears rolling down my cheeks. Doctor asked me to sign a consent form.

At that point, I lay on the bed, the doctor prepared me. Getting into the surgery room, lights over my head, medics masked up, and I was subjected to a spinal block anesthesia which blocked the lower part of my body from interpreting pain.


All I needed was God, I didn’t stop believing that all will be well. In no time, I gave birth to the most beautiful angel in my life.

I thank God that this scary moment was turned into a life changing moment in my entire life.

I invite @faithilyn, @littlemissmukene and @namwoli to take part in this contest.

Thank you

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