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Hello crypto lovers,

In this article I'm going to share my knowledge with you on steembruschool Weekly Challenge #3 organized by @slon21veka. I hope my article will be useful to you.


1. Where is the best place to keep steem and why?


We usually use a wallet to avoid losing money. Then we can keep our money safe and avoid losing it. Also, the best place to keep Steem is in the Steemit Wallet. Everyone has their own wallet and Steemit Wallet allows them to use crypto knowledge to customize the facilities provided to a customer in a bank. Steemit Wallet can be used by banks to perform the same operations as Powerup, Transfer, Transfer to savings using steem money.

I currently have Powerup 2000 Steem in my stemit wallet and it works like a fixed deposit in a banking process. When any user using the steemit platform wants to transfer steem / SBD we can go to Steemit Wallet. And we can get the steem back in the savings in as little as 3 days. All in all, the Steemit Wallet is the perfect place to keep steem.

2.On which exchanges is steem traded?

I use Binance Exchange to buy / sell & trade steem. It is also possible to trade with Steem through exchanges such as Bittrex, Huobi and Poloniex. BTC and ETH coins facilitate Steem buy, sell & trading in Binance.

3. What is the rate of SBD in relation to steem on the internal exchange (at the time of writing)?

SBD can be converted to Steem using the internal exchange in Steemit Wallet. When I fetch the bar on the page showing its values, the following values ​​appear.



Bid price = $ 0.073102
Ask price = $ 0.073275
Spread = 0.236%

1 SBD = 13.68 Steem

Currently the bid price is around 0.072297 so you can get 13.832 Steem from 1 SBD. The lower the bid price, the more steem we can buy. So if you like, you can place a limit order and buy more steem with this way.

I applied all the knowledge I knew to the relevant questions in this article and it also gave me the opportunity to test my knowledge. I respectfully invite @hasini, @nethanya45 & @hansihmd to this weekly challenge. I am now redy to end my article. I conclude this article with the hope of meeting you in another wonderful article.

Have a good times!✨️

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My pleasure

thank you for your lovely invitation dear..

Your welcome dr! ❤️

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