A tutorial on Power Up. And the importance of power up.

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Assalamu Alaikum
Hello Friends. My name is Shahariar. Welcome to my post.

Today I will talk about some power up related topics. I made a video about it. When I search about it on YouTube, I notice that the Steemit conspiracy success video is more than two years old.

So I decided to open a youtube channel and upload steem related videos there. I wish for your support.


I have been facing some questions for a few days now. The questions are:

  • Why do I power up?

  • How to power up?

  • What are the benefits of power up?

There is one thing. Think and save for the future. Save your energy up. Which helps to enrich your Steem account. With Power Up you can develop yourself as an entrepreneur. As long as you are in power your voting power will build. Through which you can vote on other accounts.

We need power to post and upvote here. If we don't have steem power then after a few posts our account has no more power so we can't post and upvote. That means we need power ups to post and upvote.


  • How to power up?

I am facing this question lately. So I decided that I would start a YouTube channel and make a video on how to do this power up. and did I think it will be very useful for Steemit . As no videos related to Steemit are being re-broadcasted on YouTube.

  • This is my channel.
  • What are the benefits of power up ?

There is currently no option to power up. You must power up your Steem account to work with the Steemit Team. You won't get support from @steemitblog if you don't join the #club specified by @steemitblog. To work here you need to join any club #club5050, #club75, #club100. And to participate in the club you have to power up.

You can also get fixed amount of profit by delegating your powered up steam to another community.

The importance of power ups is important to work here. We know that due to the decrease in the price of Bit Coin, the price of Steem is currently very low. I know that when there are more sellers than buyers in the market, then the price of the coin decreases. So you should save steem instead of selling steem to increase your steem value. And power up more and more.

Thank you everyone.

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we love my power up.Getting up means increasing one's strength. So happy to see your powerup. Powerup is important for everyone. Thank you very much for sharing a nice post with us.

Thanks for your feedback .

Being powered up increases the power. Increase means more power to work of course we have to try more power up and make nice nice post. Best of luck to you.