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At the point when you are in a big city, You are guaranteed to see a ton of things. Regardless of whether it be galleries, live music, or excellent sculpture: There's something for everybody.

In this city, I saw a couple of individuals sleeping on walkways. I saw a man playing drums for gifts. I saw people selling water for #20.

There is one stranger specifically, that I remember unmistakably. She was a Yoruba lady. She was wearing a straw-weaved cap, joined by a robe.

I was strolling to the exhibition hall when she stopped me. The lady had the most beautiful armband, and she slid into my arm.

She had many of them, and the armbands were without a doubt handmade. With a perching, cheerful grin all over, The Yoruba lady said #100 Please."

"I don't have any cash." I say, since well.. I didn't.

"#100 please." She repeats.

I start to slip away at this point. "I don't have any cash!" I repeated, and I gave the wristband back to her.

The lady's face gradually alters into a glum frown, as she realized I can't buy the wristband.

I head further in the opposite direction, and in almost no time the lady disappears inside the crowd of busy people.

I did not see her again.

For the contest:
Write about the stranger you won't forget


Firsts Place: 10 Steem
Second Place: 6 Steem
Third Place: 4 Steem


  • All entries should not be less than 250 words

  • You must subscribe to this community

  • Entries must be original

  • Entries should be posted first on the community

  • If it is fiction be sure to use the hashtag #fiction

  • Be sure to use the hashtag #contest, #mystory, and #steeminspiration as one of your first three hashtags

  • Be sure to comment your entry link on this post.

  • The entry can be posted in any language.

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Entry should be submitted before the 21, of June @hive-170327

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Wow! This contest amaze me, it's great and an inspiration to some, I'll be joining and will submit one once I get home from work. Thanks for the invitation.

i will participate in this contest

HiI have joined in our community . pls suppor me

Gracias por invitación.

Interesante concurso, pronto dejaré mi entrada por aquí.

Thank you so much @supo1 for this contest. Here is my entry for this contest
Entry to the contest

Estimado @supo1 le dejo mi entrada aquí :
que consta que soy parte de este excelente concurso.!! felicidades buena iniciativa.

This is great

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Dear @supo1 in the previous Contest I was late, but I DO NOT want to stop participating in the @steeminspiration Community because I love your Reflections, Thank you. Here I leave you:

My entrance

Apreciado @supo1 en el Concurso anterior llegué tarde, pero NO quiero dejar de participar en la Comunidad de @steeminspiration pues me encantan sus Reflexiónes, Gracias.
Por acá les dejo:

Mi Entrada


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Thanks for tho wonderful contest and here is my entry:

This is my entry @supo1

I'm happy to participate in this Contest

Hii supo1
Here's my entry
The Stranger I won't forget

Hello @supo1, Here’s my entry for this contest.
Thank you so much

@efotagodstime , by name, I came to Akwa ibom state on the first o
f September 2019, and ment a lady called patience, she was so beautiful, I love her and went to her to tell her I love her, she looks at me as if I am no body, I was so surprised, and never give up I followed her for two months, and she said no, that she was not interested,I never give up, I was following her, till one day I was making a call, speaking in Yoruba language, then she was passing by, to my greatest surprised she came close to me, and asked me, were are you from, I told her I am from Lagos State, she smile and went away, the next day I went to her and she speak in Yoruba language and I was also surprised, she told me that she was brought up in Lagos State, then I hugged her, just like that, after that day we become the best of friends till date, she was so lovely, kind and caring, till date she can do without me, I was just so happy about the relationship, and I'm also glad to write about her, she is wonderful, at first I was her greatest enemy, never want me close to her, but today, she can do without me, and till date we still together as the best of friends
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