The Advantages of Meditation

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Hello every one i am glad to be back in this community called steem nigeria and i am back to write about the advantages of meditating so read through this article.

First of all what is meditation, it is the process of staying in a quiet place and focusing your mind with the aim of gaining spiritual or mental peace.

Now that we know the meaning now what are it's advantages and why it is advise to meditate once a week or month.


Advantages of Meditation
I). Meditation reduce stress and headaches
II). Meditation helps to focus on the present
III). Meditation helps to reduce negative emotions
Iv). Meditation increases self awareness
V). Meditation increases imagination and creativity.
VI). Meditation increases tolerance and patience
VII). It build skill to manage your stress.
VIII). It helps the mind focus on the present.

Why you should meditate
Meditation is very important for a goal driven person because it keeps a person mind controlled and focussed, in the world today there is a lot of noise pollution, crisis and problems that will stress someone mentally that is why if you ask those who don't meditate "how are you" their reply is either lazy or arrogant because they are stressed mentally.

A person who meditate regularly don't get angry easily and also don't get lazy quick, the person is always accurate or let me say 95% accurate with their way of life because when you meditate, you are in a space with your mind then you have the opportunity to direct your mind and your mind will listen then you will find out that after the meditation you are free with your thoughts.

How to Meditate.
There are a few ways to meditate and those ways are.

I). Step 1 You can sit or lie comfortably.
II). Step 2 close your eyes.
III). Step 3 breath naturally, don't control it.
Iv). Step 4 put your focus on your breathing.

Meditation is the natural medicine for stress and confusion of the mind so please meditate even if its once a week.

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