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Using a wrench from the toolbox, she unbolted the axles quick release brackets. It looked so easy in the video. How could a time woman like her do what I didn't manage in the last couple of hours? "Unbelievable," I mumbled while replaying it again. What did I miss? All those doing it yourself videos are far beyond reality. It looked as if anyone could do it but frequently it turned into a disaster. I ended up stressed out just like today.
I swung the wrench away. Frustrated I kicked against the toolbox because a woman did what I didn't manage.

Wily stopped lapping and looked up at him with an ancient liquid gaze. That he looked was a miracle as such. The old dog rarely cared about who entered the property. He seemed to smell something attractive enough to stop the endless and annoying licking. One of those few activities left besides peeing, shitting and eating. Wily had had his best years a decade ago but wasn't in any hurry if it came to his departure. What made that guy so interesting? The longer I watched the worse my mood. Did he feed my dog? I looked behind me. Where the hell was that wrench? "Useless for those axles but it still is in handy for something."


The day didn't end so badly although the cap is back on the bottle. In times of need, you know who your handy friends are. Since more roads lead to Rome it was me who won the battle which is better than losing a fight. Indeed I broke a leg but hey, Icame to my senses. I realized if a door is closed a window can be open.
DIY with wrenche and axles turned out to be a waste of time but I did do something myself. I felt so much happier as I jumped into bed. I had spent time with myself. I had taken my feelings seriously. He had irritated me for too long. Finally dirty Wily was gone. No one feeds my dog.

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This is a weekend freewrite with 3 prompts



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I didn't see that ending coming... :)

Is that a good or bad thing? I didn't know how to end it.

I think surprising the reader is a good thing. Don't know if killing the dog is lol