Fairy Tale feat. CubicHoney0146 -- Part 33

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"Are you ready?" asked WisePants47109.

CubicHoney0146 donned his invisibility cloak.


They began to travel. There were other avatars moving across the landscape, but none of them noticed Wise Pants's companion. Since he had sembled his default face, the invisibility cloak served is full function.

The intermittent passersby were each a mystery to Cubic Honey. He couldn't even begin to imagine the modifications they may have taken on, nor could he begin to fathom the levels of experience they may have endured.

The Wilderness Survival Game was not a popular game, and the changes he had undergone in the process of coping with Hunger, Health, and Sanity Meters were hard express, and hard to see in others, if they had in fact occurred there at all.

It was also difficult for Cubic Honey to view other avatars as threats. Most of the interactions he'd had before his standoff with the Holofrieze, the Hunger God from another world, most of them had left a positive impression upon him.

After all his reading, it wasn't difficult for Cubic Honey to percieve the motivations of Wise Pants. Books were unique things. Reading them had shaped him in various ways. There was certainly a moral emphasis imposed in the experience of reading, along with a sense of grander schemes.

Holofrieze had called himself a God. But he wasn't the first mortal entity to assert such a claim. Was there above all a. Supreme Divinity? Was it possible that Cubic Honey's whole experience was a small portion of that Divinity's communications with Itself?

Cubic did not know so many things, did not unequivocally trust his memories. But there was a solidity to the present moment that to him remained unassailable to all the speculations, doubts, and nihilistic nightmares a mind could conjure.

There was something at stake, somewhere. He respected and trusted Wise Pants on the grounds that he had shared a sense of purpose with Cubic Honey that had filled him with a feeling of transcendent hope that had in turn suffused his movements with a twilight glow.

Cubic's mind wandered on and on, as they walked in silence. Their steps took them to the steps of the Hall of Legends.

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Thanks for reading my story. To read the whole Cubic Honey Fairy Tale from the beginning, follow the following link and each subsequent link in the comments:


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