The Diary Game 4|24|2022. Neighbor's first birthday

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It was my first time to attend children's party in the Philippines. This was also due to pandemic and restrictions was everywhere. It was fun seeing a lot of kids enjoying the party with lots of games and prizes, and of course one of the most awaited every party, the meal time. Aside from kids, adults were also parents especially the guardians of the attendees.


At the party
That was 4 o'clock in the afternoon when the kids in the neighborhood started to gather in the party place just inside the celebrant's residence. Looking at these kids faces with excitement makes the host of the party made the preparation quickly. Being a kid, they are always early like half hour to one before the party.


Some kids dress well and others just on their ordinary daily clothing. It also depend sometimes with the parents to help their children with what to wear.


When the games started, each kids were able to play different games. This allowed them to participate and get prizes ready by the parents of the birthday boy, Lucas. Little boy Lucas is just a month older of my child. They sometimes see each other in the park whenever their aunties will bring them out when the weather is good.



Meal time
After the games, food were distributed to the children. They have given fried chicken, chicken hotdog, and spaghetti in a pack lunch plus cake and ice cream. Loot bags with full of candies and toys was also given to the children in the neighborhood. As I estimated, the number of kids was about 50 to 60. For sure that was a lot of preparation for the celebrant's family.



This is what I observed, that every first birthday of a child is one of the grandest celebration in the family celebrated by friends, relatives and neighbors.

I am inviting @georgie84 @lealtafaith @jaofran to share your diary game.

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Happy Birthday to the cute and adorable little baby girl. 😇🥰

Salamat po

wow there are a lot of kids and I am sure they had enjoyed the party, the games and the food!

Adults enjoyed as well

Oh yeah..i get to enjoy joining kids bday parties too

So prosperous po!❤️