Video Calling of Whitey In The Other House!

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I can not go out because of my busy days. Whitey is in good hand. We had a video call. It happened when the Filipina friend called me and she took the camera to Whitey. How I missed Whitey but I am so happy that he is in good hand nearby. On the other house, there are so many White cats too and Whitey is always there to visit them.

*Its a peak hour that I can't focus on the camera but I made a way to snapped it inmy phone."








Nothing is impossible, if you want to make a way to see are looking, you can find a a way. There is no excuses. Everybody knew how I was broken hearted when Whitey was gone. He came home after 1 month but no longer living in our house or the house of my employer. I suspected that he was abducted and brought to a far away place like what they did to Caramel. Also Caramel managed to come home and found his way back home here. He is the great opponent of Whitey. They were always doing their territory fight.

Before the fight of Whitey and Caramel, he beated Whiteboy our first pet. Whiteboy got at large and never find him anymore until now. He wasna best friend like brother to Whitey. They were Whiteboy, Whitey, Browny, Grayyah, Gabrah, Caramel, Blacky and Sugar. And all the rest. I have 17 cats then sad to say, they are no way to find anymore inside the house garden.

I miss them all that's why everynight I put food near the garbage bin. They are all hungry and I have a basin, fullof water in my garden. Cats need water everyday. There is no problem if they have no food for a day at least they have water. But I gave them food always.

Whitey is like someone special to me 😍🤩🥰😇🙏. If I will die I want to become a cat😇😇😇.

That's all for today and have a nice midnight sleep those who are already sleeping.

May God bless you everyone!

Much love,

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I am not a pet lover, but Whitey here is so adorable🥰

I love Whitey kaayo

Wow! You are a cat lover ah! Whats the breed of whitey nay?

Pinunitan ra na hehehe

i whitey! i am glad that you are in good hands!

Hayahay kaayo kay nagustuhsn sa pikas mansion... Datu kaayo ang may ari.. Lagi daw punapakain ng masasarap na food ng matandang lola nila.. Secreto yan video call na yan . Nkakatawa , how it made possible video calling with Whitey🥰🥰🥰. Happy mother's day jean.

hello Whitey!!

Hi memet and arjay🥰