Show Me Your Talent Week #6

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Hello, my fellow Steemians! Have a nice Monday everyone. Thank you for the 8 entries who participated my contest. Without your support, it was nothing. I had no sponsor for the last week and this week. I hope that this contest will be supported by the steem community so I could survive for the prize. This time is the best time to keep this up. We know the value of our tokens today. My post never earned much as what I gave for the prize.

Note: I reduce the prizes because I am only relying on my payout

This is my #6 contest. I am inviting you to join and support.

Note: Since the contest has no big support, I decided not to give the sbd to the community of the @steemitphilippines, instead, the payout will be my prize to the contest.


Today, I am going to inform you that I am going to start my contest under the #steemitphilippines community. It is all about your talent. Anyone are cordially invited to support this initiative.


First place is 3steem
Second place is 2 steem
Third place is 1 steem

All the submission will receive 0.200 steem as consolation prize.

Simple Rules :

° Show any of your talent.

° Comment the link of your post under this post.

° A resteem is not required but will be highly appreciated to inform other steemians.

° Please write 200 words with your post.

° Contest is open and exclusive to all steemitphilippines community members.

  • use hashtag #beyourself #untalented

  • Submission of your post will be cut off on Wednesdaynight and Thursday will be the announcement of winners.


We just want to help our fellow Filipino community members most especially the newbies building their account.
Its the right time helping each other and share the love that we have. We can't give it for free but we need your cooperation for our goal.

I am also open for any suggestion for this initiative. I also need your respect.

You may make a post about your talent to make more visibility.

Please show your good talent and submit a nice blogs. I will use the roleta to choose the 3 winners. All submissions will receive consolation prizes.

Pwede po tayo mag Tagalog sa post para madaling magawa. Gusto ko rin po sana na mag comment tayo sa bawat post ng bawat members.

Note: I will be the one to give the small prizes. I am hoping for your support.

Please submit the link of your post under this post.

Steem On!

gif credit to @baa.steemit

Gif credit to @gremayo

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More power to this contest!

Shukran Sir @long888

Thanks, sister. Nadagdagan steem ko sa contest mo. Dili baya mapunit. Salamat din sa support sa lahat ng members ng #steemitphilippines

Padayon lang ta hinay hinay ani sister.

Long live Philippines

Thanks kaayo.

Finally nay @olivia08. Tsaroot.. Salamat kaayo nga naa gihapon ning contest nimo. 😁😁😁. Nag.enjoy ko ani honestly bisan pag mag 0 upvote ko. Enoy lang coz life is so short. Hehe.. Thank you.

Dia najud tawn akoa ayyy.. Hahaaha

Para ninyo, padayon naku ni para ma expose imo kanta ,basin mosikat ka share share namo imo yt sab

Hahaha.. Yay.. Importante nag.enjoy ta nay.. Haha. SalaMUCH kaayo nay..😊

Good evening Ma'am @olivia08 here's my entry po.

More Power po 😘