My HomeTown River Escapade- Loon, Bohol Philippines

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Good morning my dearest steemit family! Being a nature lovers, from the sea we moved to the river on the following day. We made everyday a memory to remember. It was so nice feeling when you are surrounded by people who loves us. We were not complete together but I was still grateful to be with them once again.

May 26, 2022

My sister cooked food mostly root crops and banana. We grilled fishes using firewoods by just picking around. To much laughter and forgot real world of me. I focused on what I had that day with them ignoring the reality of my feeling. I needed to be healthy and happy like what they felt happiness for me when I was with them.

The river from the woman downs to the sea was the pleasure of our older memories. When I was young, we were visiting this place fishing and picking rootcrops nearby to sustained foods for free.

River and the sea is the most beautiful place I won't forget and no place in the city could replace it in my hart!

Taking a lot of selfies and groupies with my siblings, nieces and nephews.

Eating time with full of laughters.

The girls were enjoying their tiktok dances move.

We ad a great day and so happy because one of my nephew cuffed a bamboo they used in jumping into the river. They connected it end to ends of the two river sides. The nephew made some exhibition walking in the bamboo and jumped.

I knew how to swim in the shallow water. The river watered depend in the low and high tide of the sea and that time it was low tide so the water slowly gone to the sea.

Look at the coconut trees around, so tall and the bamboo reflections to the river water.

My youngest brother and me.

I posed with the sharp knife of my father.

I snapped some butterflies with different spicies. They cathed my attention when they were just sleeping during the rain.

I was so happy taking picture with the butterflies

That day was a rainy day, so the watery of the river was too cold but when body soaked into the deep river watering, it was amazingly hot.

We came home at 3 pm. We satisfied on what we did. Riding single motor was too scary climbing on the top of the mountain, downtown to the slope. The rain made the street slidy.

The experienced was better than going to the city. It subsided my feeling and satisfied with the mother nature. Everything became valuable experienced that will never be forgotten.

When we got home, we felt hungry so we decided to go in town and took our dinner in the street side foods.

To be continue! More stories about our visits the town plaza and the oldest churr which was devastated by the earthquake last 2013, intensity 7.8 earthquake that stroke our country.

Steem on and have a nice day!


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Nice kaayo ang inyo place ate... Mura rag diri sa amo...

Oo dong, full.bukid ug dagat

Nice jud kaayo...puhon kami na pud mo laag...😁😁😁

Looks like you are soooo happy here Nay. Nakakamiss talaga ang bukid. Bigla tuloy ako nainggit!

uwi din kayo sa probinsya ninyo dong.

Wow! Kasarap mag tampisaw sa ilog plus happiness with your family. I am happy for you.

Opo, may happy sila said pag uwi ko

Great memories to remember. Sarap talaga magtampisaw sa river n malinaw at mamasyal sa kabukiran. Haay..namiss ko kabataan ko sa ComVal.

uwi din if may time sister.

Lisud sis. Dalawa alaga kong PWD. Dili lalim!

Aguy kalami sa bonding ng pamliya. Ug ang lugar!

oo kaayo met naay video pagtungas grabe ka tungason gamit single motor.

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My pleasure my dear and all my post is all about travel this time. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for the feature.Nice meeting you dear @nadiaturrina