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Hello Beautiful People of Steemit Philippines!

How are you all? Another Sunday, another day of worship. This morning my family went to church to pay our devotion to the most High God. I am also grateful that our eldest daughter has now recovered from her skin rashes last week. It is now scars. Hopefully soon the scars brought by the rashes will be gone.

For now as one of our community's moderator, I was tasked to choose three (3) recommended post of the day for @booming's support. In behalf of our team, I would like to thank the Steemit Team for the support they have given to our dear community. As our way of gratitude, we encourage our members to continue to produce original and quality content. We strongly encourage everyone to participate in the #club5050 project of the entire Steemit community. For a detailed information on how to participate on said project, please visit here.

Participating and committing to join #club5050 will give your post higher chances to be recommended though upvotes are not guaranteed. But still we are hoping that all of our top posts will be given upvotes accordingly.

We are reminding everyone to use proper tagging with your post. For your tag reference, you can check it here. When using the #steemexclusive tag, make sure your posts and photos are not posted elsewhere but only on Steemit.


Here are the three recommended post of the day:


I am a six month transferee came from Central Mindanao District Council going here in Lanao District Council of the Philippine General Council of the Assembly of God. As a fresh transferred, very hard for me to adjust, from the environment going down to the leadership, activities and adjustment also of each person's personality.

Pre term baby ( July 01, 2022 ) #thediarygame # club5050 by @jonna.ando

Noong unang dating nila sa hospital sinabi lang ng nanay niya na masakit daw ang kanyang tiyan at sabi ng triage nurse namin na i reffer siya sa Surgery doctor at baka kasi ay Appendicitis ang cause ng kanyang stomach ache.

Diary Game Contest Featuring "My Parents in 10 Pics"|| "The Story About My Parents" by @manticao

We are all indeed blessed with good and loving families or Parents, and this is one of the wonderful gifts God has given for all of us. As part of this contest I would like to share with you the stories about my parents ’love and care for us. October 10, 1989 when My Mother and Father got married. It was an event that the two became one and united the two hearts in love.


Thank you everyone for sharing your quality post to our community.

We also encourage every member to be active in commenting to other member's posts. Continue to participate in all our contests, the Diary Games, our Weekly Contest, and a lot more.

This will be all for today and we are looking forward to more quality content from our members to be considered as one of the top 3 posts picks of the day.


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Take care everyone!

Your Visayas Area Moderator,

Met @me2selah

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good job guys!

Thank you very much for choosing my post to be reccomended by booming.. Congratulations also to my fellow steemit friends, @emzcas and @jonna.ando...

You're welcome.

Welcome po sir😇😇

you all deserved it...congrats chosen posts!

Thank you po..

Congrats to our top 3 of the day, keep it up!

Thank you sir..

Thank you so much ma'am 😇😇

you are very welcome!