Steemit Philippines Top 3 Posts of the Day | Recommended Posts for Booming Support | 05-07-2022

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Good morning WORLD, good morning PHILIPPINES, good morning #SteemitPhilippines!

This is @long888, and I am tasked to pick the TOP 3 Post for today.


Once again, I would like to express my gratitude and cheerfulness for this new task. I’m happy because I can be a reason for someone’s joy or accomplishment because those who will be picked will have a great chance to be one of the beneficiaries of @booming support.

Although as we expressly explained in our previous posts that being selected for the Top 3 posts of the Day won’t guarantee 100% support from the Steemit Team but somehow there’s a high probability that you will be up-voted with a considerable amount.


I can say that this is not an easy task, I actually had gone through a number of new posts and found a few that were supposed to be nominated, unfortunately, they failed to pass one criterion which is to have at least 300 words of content.


Please be reminded that aside from the other criteria in selecting the Top 3 Post, it is also essential to make your article a little bit longer or at least not less than 300 words, because even if your post is good enough or you have used amazing original photos in it, still we cannot consider you if you only have few texts or below 300 words.

Aside from that, those who will be eligible for booming's support or even with the huge upvote of steemcurator01 should be part of #club5050 or you can opt to participate in the #SPUD4STEEM every first day of the month. This will be one of the qualifications to be recommended for booming support.

MY TOP 3 POSTS of the DAY - 05-07-2022

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Now without further ado, here’s my pick:

1. @kyrie1234

Last few years, the year when my hubby is working abroad, I always felt envy to the couple who had spent their vacant time going in a mountainous places. Since before, I really love joyriding and I wanted to go to mountain places so I can smell fresh air and chill with my loved ones.


The warmest greetings to all steemians around the world specifically in the Philippines. Here comes another contest which is organized by the #SteemitPhilippines community. The topics that can catch the attention of many writers. It's all about the " Dream Philippine Tourist Destination".


Most of us must be afraid of the dark at night, especially if we sleep alone, as if negative thoughts of a dark night always haunt us. Of course, this also applies to those of us who are cowardly. But for someone who is brave, these negative things can't be imagined in the slightest in his mind.

So there you go ladies and gentlemen, I encourage you to pave a visit to these three great works of our members.


A. CLUB5050

  • This is an initiative by the Steemit Team to encourage everyone to regularly power up at least 50% of the amount you had withdrawn from the platform.

  • This also aims to help everyone to increase his or her STEEM POWER which could grant him or her the ability to curate other works for a considerable amount.

  • This will also allow everyone to be of help or someone who supports building this ecosystem firm and strong which is advantageous for all of us members.

  • This will also make the author get the chance to be upvoted by anyone from the Steemit Team.

If you want to know more about this program please visit this LINK.

B. Diary Game Steemit Philippines Contest - This contest has run for several weeks already and it is one avenue where one can share relevant happenings in their lives. Remember that by reading stories of other people, one will get to learn lessons in life which is also very important for us to face our own challenges.

Keep safe everyone and God bless!


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thank you very much admin brother for choosing my best post in today's edition.

You’re welcome! Keep on sharing quality posts!

ok brother...

thank you so much sir for supporting my entry

You’re welcome!


Congratulations ❤️