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Hello steem buddies! I hope you are all doing great.

Four months ago, after reading the purpose of the different clubs, I started my journey and participated #club5050. At first, I am hesitant but as I think it a million times, this step is the best step I would ever make. I always wanted to grow, so, I should do something and help the community grow as well because for sure everything will follow.


So, I participated #club5050 and I felt happy the moment I posted it and shared it to everyone. At least, in my own little way I was able to inspire other steemians too so that they will also do the same and take their duty as a legit steemian.


In that 4 months, for me to continue the club I participated and see to it that I will constantly power up. Because if I will not power up, I will be disqualified to the club I've joined. And there, because of my eagernes to power up every week, I came to the point to dream big. And that dream is to become a "DOLPHIN" someday.


And just yesterday, I powered up 667steem.


And that made me a "DOLPHIN".

So, to everyone who dream to be a "Dolphin", just continue dreaming of course do your part by "powering up" regularly. And I assure you, you can reach your dream in an instant. Furthermore, keep on engaging with others by commenting nice thoughts and make it a little bit longer and with a heart. They will definitely get you back and support you. Four months is too soon, but I thank God I was able to make it. And I am sure YOU WILL. Just be persistent enough to do your task and join the different contest organized by the different communities.


Now I am a certified "DOLPHIN" I will still do my regular power up and I will dream another dolphin and become "Double Dolphin". Hopefully, before the year end I will be able to reach that dream.

Thank you so much to all the people who supported me throughout my journey especially to sir @juichi, @nadiaturinna, @svm08, @alikoc07, @jyoti-thelight, @arshani, @junebride, @me2selah, @loloy, @long88 who were my great motivator and a good leader/MOD. You guys are so amazing. And of course to @steemcurator01, and other steemcurator and booming accounts, thank you so much for the support. I may not know you personally, but I know that you are amazing!

Of course to my semi-friends @bisayakalog, @abby0207, @georgie85, and @fabio2614 who were my great inspiration as well. You guys are the best.

And to my virtual friends, daghang Salamat!


[K Y R I E 1 2 3 4]



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Congrats maam. It is really an inspiration.

Thank you sir. I know you can also reach your goal.

Welcome maam. Hope sooner maam.

Wow, congratulations po maam... Please check your tag maam.. parang mali ang clubdolphin baka d makita... Congratulations again...

ok thanks for the concern sir

medyo danghagon pud panagsa

by the way sir, I added 500sp on my delegation. Thank you!

Na changr na maam...salamat again sa delegation ug Congratulations 👏🥰🎉

Thank you sad sa inyo support and guidance sir

congrats mam...very inspiring

thank you dam. Salamat for always visiting my post, and I can see how determined you are to also grow here. Keep goin!

hala wow congrats miga... ka dato na oi.. powera

Utad ang sp miga. Ikaw gamay na kembot na lang pud

wow congratulations... 5k sp mao ang dolphin d ay maam

yes mam... Ikaw napud sunod kay kugihan kaau ka


thank you for that sis!

Happy Dolphin Day !

Enjoy this special #clubdolphin vote...

#club5050 😀 🐬

Thank you for the gift sir. And for supporting me always

Congratulation on your great achievement, dear!
Welcome to the dolphin family
We are glad to see you here

Thank you so much for that dear... Thank you as well for being my inspiration always

Wow, congratulations ma'am 👏🏻🎊

Thank you dam. Just be consistent in producing quality post so you will be rewarded and had a chance to power up and grow your power. Aja!

wow, congratulations to my brother, this is a great achievement, I'm very happy

Thank you brother. By the way I am a girl. Just continue doingbpower up so you could reach your dreams

thank you, I hope I can always do to be like you, but thanks to the support of brother @kyrie1234 I am even more excited to keep trying, my hope is always to be able to guide me to be able to continue to develop and reach the dolphin level

I know you can brother. If you wanted it, you will get it. Keep going!

You did it! Congratulations! Hard work and perseverance pays off.
Good luck for the next 5,000!

thank you sister. Hopefully sister, before goung to the next 5k sis my first goal is to participate with club75 so that it would be fast to reach "double dolphin".

Good luck! You can do it!

thank you for the warm thought sister

Congratulations 👏🎉 to you! And I wish you may more blessings!

Thank you for the warm wishes sister...

Congratulations madam more success!!!!

Thank you sir!

Congratulations Maam!!!

Thank you sis... Sunod dayon


wow galing talaga sana kami naman mabisitahan pud ni 01 hehe


I congratulate you on your next achievement and wish you further success!

I invite you to take part in the competition with guaranteed prizes:

Good luck!

Thank you so much for that warm thoughts my dear.

Hi, @kyrie1234
This post has been published in the latest edition of Steemit Wonder Women Magazine. Thanks for being an inspiring Steemian woman among us!

Wow! Thank you so much for the recognition and for choosing my entry sister.

You are welcome dear