SteemitPhilippines: Top 3 Post Of The Day| Recommended Post For @Booming Support||March 16, 2022

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Greetings Everyone..!!

First of all I want to Greet you a productive day to each of us, My Dear @steemitphilippines friends and members. As a member of this community, Admins and Moderators, I have chosen Three (3) recommended top posts for the day for @booming's support. A big thanks also to all team for supporting given to our Community. I Encourage all members to continue making original and Quality posts or content. I also Encourage everyone to participate the #club5050 program on the entire community. For additional information on how to participate on the said program, kindly visit. Read More. Please remember that there is a big chance to be Recommended by participating and committing to join #club5050 though-upvotes are not Guaranted. But we are still hoping that all featured post will be in consideration. Most important, we are reminding all members here in @steemitphilippines to use proper tagging in your post and for additional information Kindly visit, Read more for the tag reference. When you are using the #steemexclusive tag, make sure that the post and photos is only for Steemit Platform. ![image.png]()

I already Choosed this time the top post and As we continue in this post, here are the top Three (3) recommended post of the day:




## Thank you for always participating and sharing your Quality posts here in this Community.


Plagiarism in which a user copies the contents including the photos from the internet and or other Steemit user. This is strictly prohibited in this Community.

We also encourage everyone to do comments to other posts. It will help to encourage others and most of all to continue to participate and join the contest just like Diary Games, Photography contest and more.

We are looking forward to do more good Quality content from our members to considered as one of the top 3 posts picks of the Day.

Congratulations to all and enjoy posting.

Mindanao Area Moderator


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Congrats to all choosen quality post